Monday, 29 May 2017

Why Is Magento Platform The Best Fit For E-Shopping websites?

In the last decade, the online shopping has gone up to a notch with ever-evolving technology, the customer buying habit and market trends. The tons of store or businesses went online after analyzing the high growth and profound benefits of online shopping. Consequently, we have thousands of E commerce stores for different products and services serving the customers across the globe.

Similarly, the platforms like- Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Open Cart, WooCommerce and more, on the top of which the Ecommerce stores built, are also mushrooming, which makes the decision to pick up the one difficult. The decision is really difficult as the platform’s capability defines how much success the Ecommerce store would score.

According to the Gartner research, “The Magento platform is a leader in magic quadrant for the digital commerce worldwide.”

Why Is Magento Platform The Best Fit For E-Shopping websites_

It signals Magento, the open source Ecommerce platform released in 2008 has become the top preference of large share of businesses due to the tons of resources it offers. This is not over, while there is a lot more that Magento provides.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what are the benefits of Magento website development:
  • Fast Loading Speed
The platform is picked by 260,000 merchants to enjoy the 30% faster sales growth as opposed to other platforms because of the high speed at which the Ecommerce website built leveraging Magento platform loads. The facts speak that the platform has lower HTTP requests, in turn, the customers can retrieve the information faster.

Ultimately, the high performance of the web pages reduces the friction in browsing the website, which boosts the sales in return.
  • SEO Friendly
Magento has all the essential up-to-date tools that make the website SEO optimized, which impacts the number of views, clicks and leads the store will get due to the improved search engine ranking.

For instance: Magento provides great URL structure and canonical forms for better SEO; easy meta tag implementation options; analytics to know more about the user’s activity on the website.
  • Mobile Responsive
Going mobile is a need to stay ahead of the customer trends and Magento platform has got it covered by crafting brilliant Ecommerce store experience for the customers on mobile.

It offers a great flexibility to the merchants to extend the store experience to every screen size that customers use. The Magento Ecommerce services engineer the websites that get resized on every mobile device in an automated fashion without turning off the customers.
  • Web Design Customization
To create a differentiated brand experience, the online commerce should have the flexibility to customize and extend the brand as per the business niche and the target audience.

Magento offers 100% customization through a large number of CSS customization options, tested extensions, and recent web design trends’ information. Let your store adapt fast and enhance the features with little efforts to showcase the versatile offerings in a modernized way.
  • Hosting Options
Unlike other Ecommerce development platforms, a great degree of freedom the Magento offers to the merchants in terms of the selection of hosting service provider. There is no obligation to stick with one hosting and digital commerce can choose the one which suits best to their business nature.
  • Multilingual And Multi-Currency Support
The world is a place where people speaks millions of languages and use the different currency for the trading. Displaying the content of the website in the native language and allowing the users to checkout in the local currency improves the conversion rate, which compels the digital stores to provide the multilingual and multi-currency support.

The great news- Magento supports both of them, which alleviates the need to build different stores for different geographic nations and saves huge dollars.
  • Secured Transaction
The major roadblock that inhibits the users to shop from the Ecommerce store is the financial data security. Also, the data-theft is the major concern for the merchants. But, with Magento, it will remain no more.

The platform is packed with a powerful security mechanism so that no malware can get an entry from the back door to steal the customer’s data, order’s data, product data, transaction history and pretty more.

Limitless extensions, integrations, customization, agility, and benefits along with a low total cost of ownership, are the Magento’s advantage. Under the hood, the best-in-class innovation through the army of proficient developers, the platforms presents wonderful opportunities to the Ecommerce world.

Want to launch the business on a truly flexible, scalable and robust platform? Get partnered with a Magento development company to transform all aspects of your business with Magento Ecommerce development.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Why Is Sam Martin An Exemplary Personal Vcard Resume Wordpress Template?

Whether people are running a business or looking for a job, they always have a need of portfolio or resume to showcase their work and skills. Creating a professional website to display the work in an engaging and effective manner to the prospective clients is the best approach to differentiate the services in the fierce competition.

But, for the experts like- ITian, Wedding Planner, Writer, Trainer, Doctor, Lawyer, Barber, and Model, building the website is time, dollars and efforts expensive. How can they promote their work without spending a bundle and a couple of months?

Wedding planner

That’s where Sam Martin- the Personal vCard Resume WordPress Template comes to the rescue.

What is Sam Martin template? Here is the answer!

Sam Martin is neatly and elegantly coded template which is built on the top of the WordPress platform. The template allows the business professionals to craft the modern website that works well on the range of devices. Additionally, the template is packed with a lot of tools, pre-built themes, color options and pretty more which help the experts to tailor the website content as per their business needs.

Excited to know more about Sam Martin template? Let’s dig deep into the features that the template has:
  • Intriguing themes
Several theme options are provided in the template that is ready to use. The ready-made themes alleviate the need to learn coding to create the theme and get control over visual elements.
  • WooCommerce ready
The template is WooCommerce compatible that enable businesses to turn the website into an online store to sell the products. Also, any number of designs can be included in the web pages.
  • Visual composer
The licensed WP Page Builder plugin which powers 1+ million sites, worth of $34 is provided for free by Potenza Global Solutions which allows modifications in the WordPress site without coding.

  • Installation is plain-sailing
Installing any theme from the template is just a click away. The users just need to go to Theme settings and WordPress Theme will get installed in no time.
  • Get connected with customers
Staying in touch with the customers is a way to gain more leads. Leveraging the Contact form 7 plugin included in Sam Martin, the contact form can be easily created.
  • Multilingual support
No need to create multiple websites for the audience of different geographies and languages. The template is WPML ready which provides the users the option to translate the website in any language.
  • Extensive documentation
Detailed documentation and the video tutorials are the greatest help to the users in creating and customizing the website. Set off the website development where the documentation will guide you step by step.
  • Mobile responsive
Allow your customers to find your business services and offerings on-the-go. The template is fully responsive and lets the website functions well on the plethora of mobile devices without any performance issues.
  • Create the numerous pages
The businesses need to include some pages on the website that illustrates the customers about the business owner, the business, services, offerings, skills, experience, work, and availability. With Sam Martin, the business can add following pages- About Yourself, Services, Resume, My skill, Portfolio, Error 404, Products, and Calendar.
  • Modify the pages’ sections
The image and the header on the home page can either hold the customer’s attention or drift them away. The businesses can improve the visitor’s interest with seamless navigation, excellent image, any of the three header layout, unique logo design and typewriter typing effect on the home page.
  • Display what your clients speak
The customer’s trust can be strengthened in the business by showcasing the existing client’s feedback about the business offerings, services and assistance provided.
  • Add a blog section
The information related to services and offerings can be provided in the form of blogs on the blog page that attract the visitors. With Blog Single, multiple blogs along with comments, likes and views can be displayed on one page.

SamMartin Wordpress
  • Cross browser optimization
The personal CV WordPress theme and resume WordPress theme support all major browsers which include Chrome, Safari, IE9, Firefox and more.
  • Phenomenal support
The PGS team is committed to serving excellence by providing reliable support 24/7 to the businesses from installation to the website operation whenever needed.
  • Search engine optimization
The purpose of building the website won’t get served unless it ranks high in the SERP. All the themes, be it a WordPress portfolio theme, or vcard WordPress theme, are built with best SEO practices and using valid HTML/CSS code structures so that site content get easily indexed by the crawlers and you won’t miss any potential client.
  • Customization
The businesses can add an appeal to the website by changing the entire theme color with a backend color selector, using any of the high-resolution retina ready icons with Font-Awesome, keeping the sticky menus, introducing popup gallery or choosing any of the three available layout options.


The professional website is a way to showcase the world digitally that who you are, what your business is and what do you offer. It really plays a crucial role in making or breaking the business. The unique template is a perfect fit for the business to create an online presence which thrives the business with improved traffic volume, heightened visitor’s engagement, uplifted sales, and increased revenue.

Do you also want to build the comprehensive website that brings advantages in abundance? If so, don’t hang fire on buying the Sam Martin template and growing your business by leaps and bounds.

Friday, 12 May 2017

5 Ways To Make The WordPress Website Theft-Proof

Neither businesses nor users want to use the website that poses the data security at risk. Many times, the businesses having a WordPress website found nagging about its vulnerability to different types of attacks. Well, it’s due to the open nature of the platform wherein the hacker always finds a way to introduce a malware on the website.

How can the chances of hacking the website be reduced to zero or WordPress website security can be ramped up without spending a single penny? It’s quite simple, but the tricks need to be employed and strictly adhered to. Ready to read the smart ways that make the website less appealing to the hacker?

Here is the list of all the tricks that WordPress Development Company should leverage to prevent the hacker put any security hole in the website:
  • Safeguard The Login Details From The Brutal Attacks
The first mistake the users do is keep the password easy to crack and forget to change the user default name, which makes back-end vulnerable. So, the username and password must be kept unique that cannot be easily targeted. Two-factor authentication can also be introduced by keeping a secret question or code following the password.

Also, the easy access to login URL can hamper the website’s security, so it’s good to rename the login URL of the website which cannot be effortlessly tracked.
  •  Secure The Admin Dashboard
Getting access to the admin dashboard is the biggest victory of the hacker that needs to be protected. That’s where protecting WP-admin directory is all-important as it stays at heart of WordPress website, which can be accomplished implementing AskApache Password Protect plugin.

SSL certificate integration is another smart move to safeguard the admin panel. Additionally, any changes made to the website’s file at the back-end must be monitored.
  • Secure The Database With Regular Backup
The database is a repository of all the information that website has. By changing the default table prefix- wp, the database can be made less prone to SQL injection attacks. The database prefix must be tweaked carefully.

Taking the backup of the website offline is another alternative which helps in restoring the website to a working state in no time. There are many plugins like- vault press, backup buddy, blog vault or more that help in this.
  • Get Rid Of Unused Themes And Plugins
The users generally install many images, plugins or themes all together when they are available for free. These are not deleted even though they occupy extra space on the servers, but in reality, they prove to be specious. Due to less or no usage, the people won’t update them. Consequently, the hacks get the golden opportunity to gain access to the website.

Even more, the security breach is rarely noticed as the plugins or themes are unused. It’s better to delete the plugins or themes when they are not used.
  • Always Use Secure Hosting
The selection of the reliable hosting service provider is very crucial as 40% of the websites hacked due to the security hole found on the hosting servers. Don’t go after the free or high discount providing hosting companies without considering the security issue, else the website’s security gets compromised.

Don’t give a backdoor entry to the website to the hackers through less secured hosting server and poor hosting setup. For secured hosting setup, the WP-config.PHP file access can be made difficult by moving it to a higher level than the root directory, the website can be connected to the server through SFTP, directory permissions must be set carefully and directory listing with .htaccess should be disabled.

Final Words

The WordPress websites developed either by novice players or experienced programmers, there always exists a room for improvement, and make certain the websites that are the weakest, are all the time, the first target of the hackers. 

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the security tips must be employed so that no hacker can get a chance to break in. It’s universally known security is essential and should not be overlooked! Hire WordPress developers team that can build a WordPress website that’s theft-proof against menacing hacktivists.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why HTML 5 Is Perfect For Mobile Game Development

HTML 5 technology is endowed with phenomenal capabilities and tools that have made the language most promising for the upcoming years. The HTML 5 game app development is growing at the fast pace across the globe because of the necessary upgrades made in the language. Otherwise, a few years ago, the poor quality audio, poor performance, no offline gameplay ability and ineffective monetization capability made the HTML 5 unsuitable for game development.

Why HTML5 For Mobile Game Development

Later, the language comes up with some changes that include the introduction of the elements of brilliant multimedia, graphics, and interactivity that made it recognized for game apps. Also, the reason behind the popularity of HTML 5 among mobile game development companies is the best development tools that it provides. The tools make the development swift and easy from app ideation to the programming.

Phaser is the framework built for WebGl and Canvas browser games, that’s used to create excellent graphics, 2D images, and cross-platform games because it is extremely fast as a rendering across mobile and desktop.

Take a look at what’s making HTML 5 most prominent in the gaming industry:
  • Cross platform compatibility
The main aim of turning to the HTML 5 web technology is the feature of coding just once and deploying it everywhere. The cross-platform nature makes the language work on all the devices, platforms and the operating systems.

This way, whether you are building iOS or Android Game app, the game app will become future-proof for all the upcoming devices.
  • Remote updates
Over the years, the language is constantly evolving and whenever the updates came, they are installed automatically on the devices. It’s a big help to the mobile game app development company due to the automatic updates. So, when the app is developed using HTML 5 and the features updation come up, then the app get the feature in an automated fashion.
  • Content on demand
The biggest benefit of the language is that content can be provided on demand. It helps the developers easily change the features with little efforts to adapt the changes so that client’s requirements can be met on the fly.
  • Developer’s favorite
The language stands high not just on the usability ladder, but also on the developer’s preference ladder due to cross-platform compatibility, offline gaming capability, easy updates, multiple frameworks, the range of distribution options and full technology stack, which reduces the efforts involved in the game development.

Besides, the emergence of the HTML5 as an enterprise-ready technology to better handle the Gaming domain is an add-on.
  • Community support
The technology is not just having the big community of the developers, but the leading companies also support it for the Android or iPhone Game Development. The community is quite big as the apps are distributed across both desktop and mobile devices, and there exists both front-end and back-end developers who constantly contribute to the game development ecosystem.

The last word…

Undoubtedly, the game app development is all the rage. The gaming industry scoring high on the users’ engagement, profits, and revenue, if an outstanding game app is developed. That’s why the game apps are constantly evolving leveraging advanced technologies. Similar is the case with technologies like- HTML 5 which has become the next frontier for mobile game development due to constant upgradations.

Do you also want to get hands on the game app development with reduced time and effort investment? If so, leverage HTML 5 technology to set off the mobile game development.