Sunday, 23 April 2017

Top 10 Reasons To Favor Laravel For Website Development

Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP framework till date. The state-of-the-art features, plugins, great syntax and modular nature of the open source framework makes it a perfect choice for the web development.

Laravel - Best in Website Development

Presently, the businesses are using the language to build the different types of the websites and the regular updates have made the framework the favorite of the developers. Take a look at the reasons illustrating why laravel has gained so much popularity in the short time.
  • Documentation
The framework has released the best documentation which makes it easier for the programmers to understand the syntax and commands in a simpler way. The splendid and organized documentation includes free and paid videos.
  • Dependency injection
The code is contracted in the classes due to which the implementations are easily swapped without having much impact on the code.
  • Pagination
The pagination of the database is very easy to use and implement because of the integration of the laravel paginator with eloquent ORM. It makes the content layout more organized by splitting the content into several pages.
  • MVC
Laravel supports MVC architecture, which maintains the layer of separation between the business logic and presentation logic. The MVC design pattern becomes one of the reasons to improve the application performance.
  • Security
The SQL statements are used in laravel to avoid injection attacks to the website. Additionally, the salted and hash passwords and Bycrypt algorithm are used by the laravel which makes the application more secure and less prone to threats.
  • Blade Templating Engine
The powerful PHP templating engine won’t restrict the developers using plain PHP code in the views. The blade views are compiled in plain PHP code unless they are modified that’s why it adds zero overhead during the development.
  • Laracasts
Laracasts generally works as a tutorial that contains a lot of free and paid videos which helps in understanding the laravel framework. Every time, when new features are added to the platform, the videos related to that feature get automatically added so that the users can easily comprehend them.
  • Artisan console
It’s the most famous command line in the laravel framework which helps the developers extensively by generating the code and eliminating the redundant tasks. Hire PHP developers that are proficient in using the inbuilt command line.
  • Visceral Syntax
The laravel framework includes the finest syntax and visceral syntax is one of them that delights the users while writing the code for the application. The syntax provides the instructions to the developers to correct the error when it’s occurred. This way the time needed to develop the syntax can be reduced.
  • Application Logic
The applications of varying sizes can be easily created by the developer due to easy integration of application logics, and it’s viable through the use of controller and route declarations.

The world’s leading businesses have developed the website on the top of the laravel framework to create the amazing experience with robust security, high performance, and implacability. The framework outshining in the world due to a long list of features encapsulated in it. Do you also want to enhance the quality services with laravel framework? If so, hand over your project to the Best PHP development company, which aids you to get the website built tailored to business needs.

Friday, 14 April 2017

How To Design The Mobile Apps With Stunning UI?

The mobile app has not just remained a jargon in the world, while it has become a way of living with its tight integration into our lives. It doesn’t mean that as you build a mobile app and users will start using it. Instead, the experience the mobile app creates make it worthy enough to stay on the top of the users’ mind.

UI design Mobile Apps

The mobile app can create a major breakthrough only when it is visually appealing, in turn, packed with phenomenal designs, simple layout, seamless navigation and easily understandable concept. There is a big room for the mobile app developers to experiment with the UI design that captures the users’ attention at the speed of thought and entice them like nowhere.

However, the UI designing is really a tough game to play, but when it’s played following certain tips, it becomes a great fun.

Here, we have rounded up a few tactics that help developers in designing better experiences through unmatched UI engineering. They are:
  • Ensure it’s for users
Of course, the mobile app users stay at the core of the mobile app development. But, when it comes to actual development, less often the user experience is much regarded and it’s designed the way what developers find the best. That’s absolutely wrong. The app must be developed for the users keeping the users in mind.

To know what the users want in the app from inside out, it’s better to go beyond the analytics and stats and speak with the target users to comprehend and amalgamate their opinions in the app.
  • Make it responsive
Certainly, no user is going to use the app on a particular mobile with specific screen size and configurations. Make sure that the mobile app layout, designs, text, and graphics get easily adaptable to all the devices without any image distortion or scrolling issue. Here, tweaking the media queries, CSS and JavaScript is needed.
  • Iteration is an advantage
It’s not essential that the design that’s created after a lot of research, efforts, and planning is turned out to be perfect in one shot and won’t need any further modification. Instead, testing, analyzing and then refining the design is the best approach to finally build the design that becomes eye-candy and can retain the users’ attention for a longer run.

Iterate the user interface as many times you want to improve the app performance and user experience.
  • Think about graphics size
In mobile apps, one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work as the graphics has to be made adaptable to various screen sizes, else the visual appeal of the app gets impacted.

The format of the graphic file also plays a vital role in increasing the app’s loading speed and making the app hang too often. Different media formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WebP and more are supported by different platforms which are good for high resolution, tweaking, storage and easy downloading. Leverage the graphics format and size prudently.
  • Team up with users for beta testing
Even if the UI is designed keeping end-users at the top of the mind, but its real evaluation can be best accomplished by none other than end users. Consult the users at bay to avoid the whole re-designing or making major changes in the app UI. Even, the end-users have proven to be better tester and QA than your professional QA and beta testing team in the UI design assessment.
  • Adhere to the OS guidelines
Innovating and experimenting with the design elements, widgets, icons, and controls are good, but they must follow the OS user interface guidelines. Besides, every platform and OS has different rules and guidelines that the app much stick to, else the app may face the app store rejection. When the guidelines are overlooked, you truly reinvent the wheel in UI designing.

Summing it all up

The success quotient of the mobile app depends on how high the app’s UI is standing on the usability, customer experience, and modern trends ladder. You can raise the bar of the mobile app by teaming up with the best mobile application development company that design the great UI for the mobile app by strictly adhering to the design trends, design principles, and aforementioned design tips.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How Can E-commerce Store Get Ahead Of The Pack With Magento Migration?

Going online is the urgent need of every business and the tool they use to go digital works as a backbone for the Ecommerce store. The hoard of platforms such as Magento, Woo-commerce, Big-commerce, PretaShop and more is available in the market on the top of which the businesses can build their online presence.

Top 7 Benefits Of Migrating Ecommerce Store To Magento Platform

In the Ecommerce platform world, Magento leads the way with more than 200,000 retailers that are counting on Magento to showcase and sell the products and services. Over the period of nine years, the platform has gained the retailers’ trust with the myriad of features and no security breach. The platform comprises of two platforms Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition to match the varied business requirements.

That’s the reason the increasing number of merchants is developing the Ecommerce store from the scratch or migrating the store to Magento platform.

Take a look at what are the benefits the merchants can experience with Magento Ecommerce development or Magento Migration:
  • Scalability
The startups or SMEs are not aware of when the customers or sales grow by a number of folds. Here, the Magento platform helps that let the website easily scale and functions smoothly as the traffic volume to the Ecommerce store increases without any system crash.

Also, the online eCommerce can grow with the aid of third-party software because Magento easily integrates the solutions like- Sales force, POS or more.
  • SEO friendliness
Magento is packed with essential SEO elements that include meta tag, canonical tag, permalinks, user generated views, heading tags, search- friendly URLs, link redirection and so on. The businesses need to hire Magento developers who are not only well-versed in Magento development, but also make the website SEO optimized.

The platform can also help in improving organic traffic to the store by ranking in the top positions on the search engines.
  • Open source
Magento is an open source content management system that mainly leveraged for Ecommerce development. The open source code allows the developers more freedom to experiment with the tools and functionalities offered. The high flexibility, easy accessibility, and robust security make it the top choice of Magento developers and the online businesses.
  • Third party integrations
The Magento is open in nature and can integrate with hundreds of third party software seamlessly to improve the Ecommerce services and enhance customer experience. For instance, for easy checkout the multiple payment gateway integrations are enabled, to better manage the marketing campaigns the MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and SalesForce integration is enabled, and so on.
  • Magento versions
There are different versions of Magento available that merchants use based on their needs.

Magento Go is one of the hosted solutions designed for small businesses and startups that has everything inbuilt, which is needed to sell the products online.

Magento community is a free version that’s used by a range of retailers to get the benefit of the features they find most suitable for their business.

Magento enterprise is a premium version of the Magento that’s a bit expensive but offers a maximum number of the features to the enterprise-level retailers.
  • Mobile optimization
60% of the traffic volume driving to the Ecommerce store is from mobile. It indicates making the Ecommerce website get easily open and browsed on the range of mobile devices is very important. Magento enables the mobile optimized Ecommerce development which provides a seamless experience to the customers and allows them to look through the store offerings on-the-go.
  • Range of functionalities 
The platform is packed with out-of-the-box features, tools, and resources that enable the comprehensive Ecommerce development which fulfills all the customers’ expectations, ease the business operations and enhance the growth.

Some of the common features that Magento provides are multi store, product bundles, CMS pages, inbuilt up-selling/cross selling, configurable pricing, user management and advanced shipping.

Summing it up

In the race of innovation and excellence, the Ecommerce stores are jumping onto the Magento platform to build the website that aids merchants stand out in the fierce competition. Partnering with the right Magento development company, the existing stores can seamlessly migrate to Magento platform to make the most out of the features that platform is offering. Establish a successful online business with Magento migration.