Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Is Magento Development Companies the first choice of Small E-commerce start-ups and entrepreneurs?

In an era, where entrepreneurial campaigns and start-ups are managing to buck the trend, we are often left wondering how they make it so far. What all are the factors that contribute to their sailing through. To start with, be it a small-scale enterprise or a medium scale enterprise, the basic measures that they adopt are more or less pretty common. Doing the proper market research, establishing a secure intellectual property, proper branding, coming up with a business plan, a workplace, and a mentor and above all, raising capital is an integral part of the start-up plan.

Another major tool on which all these start-ups and small to medium businesses rely is a dynamic website. This planet is a huge ball with so many people around. And with the increasing pace of budding start-ups, you may have a hard time marketing your business without an effective website. So, if you want to start from the scratch, start with your website! Now that you have a website for your business, keep in mind that people are going to establish an impression for your business through the website. Hence, it must be a dynamic and interactive website that highlights all about what your business has to offer. Therefore, make sure you put an effective website at the top of your priority list.


When it comes to website development for small to medium businesses or enterprises, content management system is the most reliable and handy option available these days. In fact, a remarkable portion of start-ups depends on Content Management System (CMS) for developing an effective and user-friendly website. Now you must be wondering what Content Management System is? Well, to explain it to a layman, Content Management System is an application software with a set of programs and algorithms that are used to create, modify and manage the digital content. It provides you with an interface where you can create and modify your website content on the go. It is easy to access, affordable and gives you the desired website in no time.

So now, when start-ups are the hottest trend of the season, so is Content Management System (CMS). With the hike in demands for Content Management System services, several CMS service providers have come up in the market. Now you have to choose wisely and pick the one best for your business. Magento Development Company is one such web store that provides the most compatible and robust website development services for e-commerce. Magento understands the basic features required for any e-commerce website such as product management, store management, transaction management, product management, category and sub-category management. However, the requirements vary from one client to the other but the majority of the key features remain similar.

Magento is the most preferred web store which is highly recommended by e-commerce start-ups. Magento stands out of the herd of other CMS web stores owing to the outstanding services it provides. It follows a strict flowchart to go by for every single phase of Content Management System.

Following is the flow Magento swears by starting from the design phase to the development phase:
  1. Development of PSD
  2. Development from PSD to HTML
  3. Conversion of theme from HTML to Magento
  4. Magento store personalization
  5. Development and integration of payment gateway
  6. Installation of bug-free code onto the hosting server
In addition to it, following are the elaborated benefits of choosing Magento:
  • Easy to promote methods- If you wish to promote your website and improve its ranking on search engine results as well, it gets simpler with Magento. You can promote your website while entering data on your website and describing your products.
  • Easy maintenance- Our experience of over six years in developing and maintaining e-commerce stores along with our experienced developers makes Magento the first choice for the clients. Easy to access services means you can reach out to us anytime and get hassle free solutions.
  • Multiple extensions available- With advanced extensions, Magento can solve your real-life problems with great ease. Our developers are always there to customize the said extension as per your needs.
So now that you know which door to knock, get your own website soon!

Friday, 14 July 2017


In the online world, thousands of the websites are crafted by the businesses to illustrate their services and offerings and garner the maximum attention of the target customers. The websites connect the customers with the brand, adds credibility to the businesses and enable sales in a few clicks. It indicates that website matters a ton in creating a long lasting impression on the customers, improve brand advocacy and skyrocket the revenue.  

Thanks to the advanced technology, hundreds of tools and options are available for the responsive web design services to experiment and introduce innovative elements in the websites, which aids businesses in achieving the main goal. Also, the resources help the designers to craft the website that can step in with the latest trends and user’s needs. However, sometimes the efforts go in vain and impact the brand’s image when the web design fail to convey the message.  

According to a research survey, “One in the five visitors leave the websites and never come back again if the website design failed to represent the services or products rightly or puzzle the users.”

In a nutshell, responsive website development is not just about adding creativity and including all the modern design trends, while it must be able to create a strong relationship with the target audience and convey the clear message. But, how such website can be engineered?

5 Essential web Design Trends to employ

Let’s dive deeper to know what makes the website a real winner:

  • Navigation
Presently, numerous web page navigation options are available such as downpage navigation, vertical navigation, side navigation, sticky navigation and hamburger navigation. The designers leverage any of the navigation styles that’s highly accepted by the target user base. Also, the designers can use the website analytics to verify which navigation pattern works and bring more clicks to the website.
  • Text
To ensure the easy readability of the website content, a lot of choices for the text size, text font, and text style is available that provides freedom to the designers to keep the text in a style that most go well with the design trends and the customers.

For instance, tiny texts, bold typography, small headlines and small fonts still play the game and work effectively in creating interest in the users.

The designers must keep a fine balance, and use the text and fonts which bring reward worthy results.

  • Adding parallax to Scrolling
Scrolling is the age-old element that’s added to the website to allow the audience easily get from top to bottom. But, these phenomena are enhanced with parallax, which adds a 3D effect to the web pages wherein the foreground moves leaving the background behind it.

The innovative scrolling creates a sensation of depth and improves the browsing experience. Besides, the creative way to deliver the content differently works effectively on different screens.
  • Usage of SVGs
The raster or pixel-based designs put website engineers into a great deal of taking care of conventional picture designs like- GIF, JPEG or PNG, and vectors. That’s where SVGs (adaptable vector illustrations) are more favorable as they work out of vectors and determination free. The SVGs make the designs look outstanding on every screen and also alleviate the need to make the designs retina-prepared.
  • Microinteractions
The starting 10 seconds that website visitors spend while visiting the website are very crucial and help in initiating interactions. The micro interactions can be created through short stories that add engaging element to the website and delight the users with its amazing appeal. Nowadays, it’s becoming the part and parcel of the websites to turn the visitors into the potential customers. Beware, they must be properly used, else they could be disastrous.
Bottom line

The responsive website design is the biggest trend which nearly all the businesses are following that doesn’t mean modern design trends can be ignored. Adapting the small changes in the design trends is a way to nurture the digital trust and progress steadily at the pace of changing customer attitudes. Also, there is no thumb rule in the design trends and they get changed as the market changes. Are you ready to take these
small steps and implement changes? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

4 evolving vibrant color trends that can aid your UI

Spanning across eras, color has always portrayed the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of people. Well-known artisans have worked with colors to illustrate their speculations, which have helped them gain admiration and respect worldwide. A lot of businesses have used the concept of color to publicize their products and themselves.

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care about while creating user interface design. The techniques, patterns, and colors used on your user interfaces and websites can constitute an intrinsic effect on the users.  The primary objective of user interface design is to facilitate people to relate and connect with your business.  A simple, easy to use, efficient and responsive, UI design works definitely well. However, an immensely attractive UI design can make the experience of using that interface really gratifying.

Designers are very judicious about choosing the colors for the responsive web development and applications.  Attractive color schemes used to develop responsive website design have an alluring effect on people who view it. Designers refine the usage of colors depending on the nature and characteristics of the business. Vibrant and bright colors usually opt for media and entertainment websites. However, the corporate businesses, the color schemes are now focusing on vibrant colors with an elegant and chic look with some modifications.

Vibrant Colors can be used in several ways and techniques in responsive web development. Designers are using impressive color schemes with existing elements allowing brands to retain their specific identities to develop a trendy and upbeat website. Using vibrant color is a big way to put in visual importance and user interaction ideas in responsive website design services. Color fastens the design saga and applicability, offering a project absolutely user-friendly.

4 evolving vibrant color trends that can aid your UI...

There are four color scheme trends that have become popular in the responsive web design services. 


A monotone scheme or a monochromatic color palette is made up of different tints or shades of a single color. This is the most popular technique to use vibrant colors in UI design.  Monochromatic colors have a long-lasting effect on users and ignite visual interest. There are endless options available for Monochromatic color.  Monochromatic colors ensure the readability of content through the solid color schemes for the UI design.

Monotone color schemes work splendidly with the representation of images from the same color clan.  The imagery and descriptions tend to become the central spot of the design due to the contrast used.


Duotone can be defined as a halftone replication of an image using the superimposition of one contrasting color halftone (traditionally black) over another color halftone. In this process, two color plates are made with the screen set at different angles. Duotone color schemes are generally used in the music/audio applications and for an assortment of promotional websites. Duotone color scheme acts as a color stabilizer that allows the text to occupy plenty of breathing space and color contrast. Colors are used in a more strategic way by brands to create an impact that is upbeat and at the same time candid and credible.


Recently, gradients have become a popular option for UI designs. Following the vibrant color trend, high-contrast complementary colors are used to create gradients in responsive web design development. Modern gradients might include multiple colors, radiate from the center, come from a corner, or fall horizontally.

Gradients have made their way back into GUIs, this time using high-contrast complementary colors. Gradients used in UI designs include assorted colors, emanating either from the center or from a corner or drop horizontally.  Gradients are used as background for web pages and they help in creating striking visual impact.


When an image is passed through a colored layer, this is termed as overlays. Imagery with color overlays has become a trendy approach for the designers due to uncomplicated nature and considerably simple.

Overlaying responses can help users on various design aspects. While creating overlays, effort should be made to consider the type of color and the extent of saturation and pellucidity of the color. Vibrant color overlaid imagery or a background is a gallant way to have the finest of both business and pleasure.

Vibrant color has emerged as a great tool for helping vital or keywords position distinctively out from the backdrop.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Know About the Hybrid Mobile App Development In Spades

Are you about to jump on the mobile application development bandwagon? If so, then you have three choices, namely- native, hybrid and web app to shape your mobile app idea into a reality. Each of them has their own advantages and downsides and quantifying which the platform is chosen.

Although most of you heard of native and web app, but the hybrid app perhaps baffling you. Is it correct? Let’s clear up the air:

The hybrid app is the middle of the two roadsides- native and web app, which leverages HTML 5 during the development and then encapsulates it in a native shell that enables the access to the native app features as well. The technologies such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS utilization enable the hybrid app development with best-in-class front-end and functionalities.

Know About the Hybrid Mobile App Development In Spades

Well, the hybrid apps are preferred over native app due to a few more reasons. Take a quick glance at them:
  • They are not platform specific. With a single code base, the apps can be crafted for the myriad of the platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It also minimizes the development time and efforts.
  • No additional knowledge of the technology is needed. The developers have proficiency in HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, can develop the hybrid app which works flawlessly on all the platforms.
  • Using the frameworks, the hybrid apps can have the native app-like features.
  • The hybrid apps support SQLite database and render offline capabilities which enable the local data storage.
  • The less time-to-market and cost-effectiveness are add-ons for hybrid development.
  • Easy to scale. The apps can be easily made to work on more platforms and operating systems in a couple of minutes as just code utilization is needed, not the rebuilding of the app from the scratch.
Along with the plethora of benefits the hybrid app offers, there exists some challenges. Yes, it is the reality. As the hybrid apps work on different devices and platforms, so it’s trickier to test the app on all them. Also, debugging the hybrid apps is like a nightmare because the developers are unaware of the targeted platform and unable to locate the error that makes the finding and rectifying the bug complex. The visual and interactive components in game apps perform better on native apps as opposed to hybrid apps. Additionally, the performance issue too exist as hybrid apps are slower to load.

Well, overcoming the challenges is not extremely taxing. See how following a few tips, the challenges can be resolved:
  • The hybrid apps run by using web view are like a single page application where more focus must be given on the simple workflow, which helps in enhancing user experience.
  • There are many hybrid frameworks that support many gestures, which ends up the mobile app developers’ problem to programmatically handle the new gestures as they can use the default gestures.
  • The hybrid frameworks aids in eliminating the scrolling issues because the frameworks itself provide their own scrolling, so there will be no manual scrolling.
What’s the future?
The reign of hybrid apps is leading the market with increasing share of hybrid app development. Not just the benefits, but the trends are making the hybrid approach the best for the mobile app development.

After witnessing the hybrid apps’ popularity, do you also wanted to make a shift with hybrid app development? If so, Potenza Global Solutions, a leading mobile app development company would be the right fit for you. The company using the right mix of technology, tools, and resources builds the unmatched hybrid app that lets your business excel.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

How Is A WordPress Theme An Ideal Choice For Website Development?

No matter how small or large the business is, but having an online visibility has become all-imperative. This need has geared up the businesses towards website development. However, the time expensiveness and huge dollars investment won’t let them get built the digital presence.

That’s where WordPress theme becomes a pre-eminent substitute. The responsive WordPress templates have really done wonders for the businesses as the efficient way allows them to invest that much time and cost in the business growth and marketing.

How Is A WordPress Theme An Ideal Choice For Website Development  
Take a look at the magical benefits of developing the website leveraging WordPress theme:
  • Get the myriad of the options
Presently, thousands of the multipurpose WordPress themes out there, and anyone of which the businesses can select based on their business website requirements.

Also, the online presence is the reflection of how the businesses operate and offer services, and it creates an indelible mark on the first-time website visitors. A lot of customization options enable the website development tailored to the business needs such as layout, designs, graphics, colors, fonts and so on, which delights the users.

  • Lets you introduce the creativity
When the website development project is outsourced to a wordpress development team, the team shapes the business idea into a reality based on their imagination and creativity. But, it’s difficult to get the exact features developed what’s on your mind.

Here, business WordPress themes not only allows you to craft the website on your own but offers limitless opportunities to play with the functionality and design. Moreover, you can try the things end number of times without paying extra dollars.
  • High-level of flexibility
Although WordPress is popularly known as a blogging platform, but the availability of numerous plugins, tools or resources make it a perfect fit for business website development, Ecommerce development and pretty more.

Similarly, embracing the professional WordPress themes enable the development of websites for the different purpose. Also, numerous functionalities such as home page, products, services, deals, membership, contact, and testimonials can be added in the multiple pages that add value to the business.
  • Create and distribute the content
Showcasing the content (Business services and products) to the users is the reason the websites are crafted for. Tailoring the content as per the developed website layout makes it difficult to fit in the content, and destroys the beauty of the content, so develop the content first and then decide the website UI accordingly.

The blogs integration in multiple layouts allows the businesses to post the updates regularly and build the authority with engaging content.

With social media integration, the blogs or web content can be shared on social channels to drive more traffic to the website and enhance brand awareness.
  • Engineer engaging experience
Disseminating the valuable content through website blogs or social platforms not just land more users to the website, while strengthening the users’ trust in the brand.

The social sharing improves the communication with the users and prompt response builds the credibility. Such activities help in winning potential users with heightened user experience, which in turn promote brand advocacy.

Closing words

If you are one of the DIYers or professionals who is not a coding superhero or a technically sound, then WordPress themes are the magic bullets for you. Using the theme, you can create a comprehensive website loaded with ample of features and functionalities along with unlimited customizations.

When you hunt down an elegant theme, that’s mobile responsive, and packed with modern UI, designs, functions, features and block options, then it makes no sense to sit back and think more. Simply set off the website development using the theme and reap the amazing benefits that it offers.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Why Is Magento Platform The Best Fit For E-Shopping websites?

In the last decade, the online shopping has gone up to a notch with ever-evolving technology, the customer buying habit and market trends. The tons of store or businesses went online after analyzing the high growth and profound benefits of online shopping. Consequently, we have thousands of E commerce stores for different products and services serving the customers across the globe.

Similarly, the platforms like- Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Open Cart, WooCommerce and more, on the top of which the Ecommerce stores built, are also mushrooming, which makes the decision to pick up the one difficult. The decision is really difficult as the platform’s capability defines how much success the Ecommerce store would score.

According to the Gartner research, “The Magento platform is a leader in magic quadrant for the digital commerce worldwide.”

Why Is Magento Platform The Best Fit For E-Shopping websites_

It signals Magento, the open source Ecommerce platform released in 2008 has become the top preference of large share of businesses due to the tons of resources it offers. This is not over, while there is a lot more that Magento provides.

Let’s take a sneak peek at what are the benefits of Magento website development:
  • Fast Loading Speed
The platform is picked by 260,000 merchants to enjoy the 30% faster sales growth as opposed to other platforms because of the high speed at which the Ecommerce website built leveraging Magento platform loads. The facts speak that the platform has lower HTTP requests, in turn, the customers can retrieve the information faster.

Ultimately, the high performance of the web pages reduces the friction in browsing the website, which boosts the sales in return.
  • SEO Friendly
Magento has all the essential up-to-date tools that make the website SEO optimized, which impacts the number of views, clicks and leads the store will get due to the improved search engine ranking.

For instance: Magento provides great URL structure and canonical forms for better SEO; easy meta tag implementation options; analytics to know more about the user’s activity on the website.
  • Mobile Responsive
Going mobile is a need to stay ahead of the customer trends and Magento platform has got it covered by crafting brilliant Ecommerce store experience for the customers on mobile.

It offers a great flexibility to the merchants to extend the store experience to every screen size that customers use. The Magento Ecommerce services engineer the websites that get resized on every mobile device in an automated fashion without turning off the customers.
  • Web Design Customization
To create a differentiated brand experience, the online commerce should have the flexibility to customize and extend the brand as per the business niche and the target audience.

Magento offers 100% customization through a large number of CSS customization options, tested extensions, and recent web design trends’ information. Let your store adapt fast and enhance the features with little efforts to showcase the versatile offerings in a modernized way.
  • Hosting Options
Unlike other Ecommerce development platforms, a great degree of freedom the Magento offers to the merchants in terms of the selection of hosting service provider. There is no obligation to stick with one hosting and digital commerce can choose the one which suits best to their business nature.
  • Multilingual And Multi-Currency Support
The world is a place where people speaks millions of languages and use the different currency for the trading. Displaying the content of the website in the native language and allowing the users to checkout in the local currency improves the conversion rate, which compels the digital stores to provide the multilingual and multi-currency support.

The great news- Magento supports both of them, which alleviates the need to build different stores for different geographic nations and saves huge dollars.
  • Secured Transaction
The major roadblock that inhibits the users to shop from the Ecommerce store is the financial data security. Also, the data-theft is the major concern for the merchants. But, with Magento, it will remain no more.

The platform is packed with a powerful security mechanism so that no malware can get an entry from the back door to steal the customer’s data, order’s data, product data, transaction history and pretty more.

Limitless extensions, integrations, customization, agility, and benefits along with a low total cost of ownership, are the Magento’s advantage. Under the hood, the best-in-class innovation through the army of proficient developers, the platforms presents wonderful opportunities to the Ecommerce world.

Want to launch the business on a truly flexible, scalable and robust platform? Get partnered with a Magento development company to transform all aspects of your business with Magento Ecommerce development.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Why Is Sam Martin An Exemplary Personal Vcard Resume Wordpress Template?

Whether people are running a business or looking for a job, they always have a need of portfolio or resume to showcase their work and skills. Creating a professional website to display the work in an engaging and effective manner to the prospective clients is the best approach to differentiate the services in the fierce competition.

But, for the experts like- ITian, Wedding Planner, Writer, Trainer, Doctor, Lawyer, Barber, and Model, building the website is time, dollars and efforts expensive. How can they promote their work without spending a bundle and a couple of months?

Wedding planner

That’s where Sam Martin- the Personal vCard Resume WordPress Template comes to the rescue.

What is Sam Martin template? Here is the answer!

Sam Martin is neatly and elegantly coded template which is built on the top of the WordPress platform. The template allows the business professionals to craft the modern website that works well on the range of devices. Additionally, the template is packed with a lot of tools, pre-built themes, color options and pretty more which help the experts to tailor the website content as per their business needs.

Excited to know more about Sam Martin template? Let’s dig deep into the features that the template has:
  • Intriguing themes
Several theme options are provided in the template that is ready to use. The ready-made themes alleviate the need to learn coding to create the theme and get control over visual elements.
  • WooCommerce ready
The template is WooCommerce compatible that enable businesses to turn the website into an online store to sell the products. Also, any number of designs can be included in the web pages.
  • Visual composer
The licensed WP Page Builder plugin which powers 1+ million sites, worth of $34 is provided for free by Potenza Global Solutions which allows modifications in the WordPress site without coding.

  • Installation is plain-sailing
Installing any theme from the template is just a click away. The users just need to go to Theme settings and WordPress Theme will get installed in no time.
  • Get connected with customers
Staying in touch with the customers is a way to gain more leads. Leveraging the Contact form 7 plugin included in Sam Martin, the contact form can be easily created.
  • Multilingual support
No need to create multiple websites for the audience of different geographies and languages. The template is WPML ready which provides the users the option to translate the website in any language.
  • Extensive documentation
Detailed documentation and the video tutorials are the greatest help to the users in creating and customizing the website. Set off the website development where the documentation will guide you step by step.
  • Mobile responsive
Allow your customers to find your business services and offerings on-the-go. The template is fully responsive and lets the website functions well on the plethora of mobile devices without any performance issues.
  • Create the numerous pages
The businesses need to include some pages on the website that illustrates the customers about the business owner, the business, services, offerings, skills, experience, work, and availability. With Sam Martin, the business can add following pages- About Yourself, Services, Resume, My skill, Portfolio, Error 404, Products, and Calendar.
  • Modify the pages’ sections
The image and the header on the home page can either hold the customer’s attention or drift them away. The businesses can improve the visitor’s interest with seamless navigation, excellent image, any of the three header layout, unique logo design and typewriter typing effect on the home page.
  • Display what your clients speak
The customer’s trust can be strengthened in the business by showcasing the existing client’s feedback about the business offerings, services and assistance provided.
  • Add a blog section
The information related to services and offerings can be provided in the form of blogs on the blog page that attract the visitors. With Blog Single, multiple blogs along with comments, likes and views can be displayed on one page.

SamMartin Wordpress
  • Cross browser optimization
The personal CV WordPress theme and resume WordPress theme support all major browsers which include Chrome, Safari, IE9, Firefox and more.
  • Phenomenal support
The PGS team is committed to serving excellence by providing reliable support 24/7 to the businesses from installation to the website operation whenever needed.
  • Search engine optimization
The purpose of building the website won’t get served unless it ranks high in the SERP. All the themes, be it a WordPress portfolio theme, or vcard WordPress theme, are built with best SEO practices and using valid HTML/CSS code structures so that site content get easily indexed by the crawlers and you won’t miss any potential client.
  • Customization
The businesses can add an appeal to the website by changing the entire theme color with a backend color selector, using any of the high-resolution retina ready icons with Font-Awesome, keeping the sticky menus, introducing popup gallery or choosing any of the three available layout options.


The professional website is a way to showcase the world digitally that who you are, what your business is and what do you offer. It really plays a crucial role in making or breaking the business. The unique template is a perfect fit for the business to create an online presence which thrives the business with improved traffic volume, heightened visitor’s engagement, uplifted sales, and increased revenue.

Do you also want to build the comprehensive website that brings advantages in abundance? If so, don’t hang fire on buying the Sam Martin template and growing your business by leaps and bounds.

Friday, 12 May 2017

5 Ways To Make The WordPress Website Theft-Proof

Neither businesses nor users want to use the website that poses the data security at risk. Many times, the businesses having a WordPress website found nagging about its vulnerability to different types of attacks. Well, it’s due to the open nature of the platform wherein the hacker always finds a way to introduce a malware on the website.

How can the chances of hacking the website be reduced to zero or WordPress website security can be ramped up without spending a single penny? It’s quite simple, but the tricks need to be employed and strictly adhered to. Ready to read the smart ways that make the website less appealing to the hacker?

Here is the list of all the tricks that WordPress Development Company should leverage to prevent the hacker put any security hole in the website:
  • Safeguard The Login Details From The Brutal Attacks
The first mistake the users do is keep the password easy to crack and forget to change the user default name, which makes back-end vulnerable. So, the username and password must be kept unique that cannot be easily targeted. Two-factor authentication can also be introduced by keeping a secret question or code following the password.

Also, the easy access to login URL can hamper the website’s security, so it’s good to rename the login URL of the website which cannot be effortlessly tracked.
  •  Secure The Admin Dashboard
Getting access to the admin dashboard is the biggest victory of the hacker that needs to be protected. That’s where protecting WP-admin directory is all-important as it stays at heart of WordPress website, which can be accomplished implementing AskApache Password Protect plugin.

SSL certificate integration is another smart move to safeguard the admin panel. Additionally, any changes made to the website’s file at the back-end must be monitored.
  • Secure The Database With Regular Backup
The database is a repository of all the information that website has. By changing the default table prefix- wp, the database can be made less prone to SQL injection attacks. The database prefix must be tweaked carefully.

Taking the backup of the website offline is another alternative which helps in restoring the website to a working state in no time. There are many plugins like- vault press, backup buddy, blog vault or more that help in this.
  • Get Rid Of Unused Themes And Plugins
The users generally install many images, plugins or themes all together when they are available for free. These are not deleted even though they occupy extra space on the servers, but in reality, they prove to be specious. Due to less or no usage, the people won’t update them. Consequently, the hacks get the golden opportunity to gain access to the website.

Even more, the security breach is rarely noticed as the plugins or themes are unused. It’s better to delete the plugins or themes when they are not used.
  • Always Use Secure Hosting
The selection of the reliable hosting service provider is very crucial as 40% of the websites hacked due to the security hole found on the hosting servers. Don’t go after the free or high discount providing hosting companies without considering the security issue, else the website’s security gets compromised.

Don’t give a backdoor entry to the website to the hackers through less secured hosting server and poor hosting setup. For secured hosting setup, the WP-config.PHP file access can be made difficult by moving it to a higher level than the root directory, the website can be connected to the server through SFTP, directory permissions must be set carefully and directory listing with .htaccess should be disabled.

Final Words

The WordPress websites developed either by novice players or experienced programmers, there always exists a room for improvement, and make certain the websites that are the weakest, are all the time, the first target of the hackers. 

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, the security tips must be employed so that no hacker can get a chance to break in. It’s universally known security is essential and should not be overlooked! Hire WordPress developers team that can build a WordPress website that’s theft-proof against menacing hacktivists.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Top 5 Reasons Why HTML 5 Is Perfect For Mobile Game Development

HTML 5 technology is endowed with phenomenal capabilities and tools that have made the language most promising for the upcoming years. The HTML 5 game app development is growing at the fast pace across the globe because of the necessary upgrades made in the language. Otherwise, a few years ago, the poor quality audio, poor performance, no offline gameplay ability and ineffective monetization capability made the HTML 5 unsuitable for game development.

Why HTML5 For Mobile Game Development

Later, the language comes up with some changes that include the introduction of the elements of brilliant multimedia, graphics, and interactivity that made it recognized for game apps. Also, the reason behind the popularity of HTML 5 among mobile game development companies is the best development tools that it provides. The tools make the development swift and easy from app ideation to the programming.

Phaser is the framework built for WebGl and Canvas browser games, that’s used to create excellent graphics, 2D images, and cross-platform games because it is extremely fast as a rendering across mobile and desktop.

Take a look at what’s making HTML 5 most prominent in the gaming industry:
  • Cross platform compatibility
The main aim of turning to the HTML 5 web technology is the feature of coding just once and deploying it everywhere. The cross-platform nature makes the language work on all the devices, platforms and the operating systems.

This way, whether you are building iOS or Android Game app, the game app will become future-proof for all the upcoming devices.
  • Remote updates
Over the years, the language is constantly evolving and whenever the updates came, they are installed automatically on the devices. It’s a big help to the mobile game app development company due to the automatic updates. So, when the app is developed using HTML 5 and the features updation come up, then the app get the feature in an automated fashion.
  • Content on demand
The biggest benefit of the language is that content can be provided on demand. It helps the developers easily change the features with little efforts to adapt the changes so that client’s requirements can be met on the fly.
  • Developer’s favorite
The language stands high not just on the usability ladder, but also on the developer’s preference ladder due to cross-platform compatibility, offline gaming capability, easy updates, multiple frameworks, the range of distribution options and full technology stack, which reduces the efforts involved in the game development.

Besides, the emergence of the HTML5 as an enterprise-ready technology to better handle the Gaming domain is an add-on.
  • Community support
The technology is not just having the big community of the developers, but the leading companies also support it for the Android or iPhone Game Development. The community is quite big as the apps are distributed across both desktop and mobile devices, and there exists both front-end and back-end developers who constantly contribute to the game development ecosystem.

The last word…

Undoubtedly, the game app development is all the rage. The gaming industry scoring high on the users’ engagement, profits, and revenue, if an outstanding game app is developed. That’s why the game apps are constantly evolving leveraging advanced technologies. Similar is the case with technologies like- HTML 5 which has become the next frontier for mobile game development due to constant upgradations.

Do you also want to get hands on the game app development with reduced time and effort investment? If so, leverage HTML 5 technology to set off the mobile game development.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Top 10 Reasons To Favor Laravel For Website Development

Laravel is considered as one of the best PHP framework till date. The state-of-the-art features, plugins, great syntax and modular nature of the open source framework makes it a perfect choice for the web development.

Laravel - Best in Website Development

Presently, the businesses are using the language to build the different types of the websites and the regular updates have made the framework the favorite of the developers. Take a look at the reasons illustrating why laravel has gained so much popularity in the short time.
  • Documentation
The framework has released the best documentation which makes it easier for the programmers to understand the syntax and commands in a simpler way. The splendid and organized documentation includes free and paid videos.
  • Dependency injection
The code is contracted in the classes due to which the implementations are easily swapped without having much impact on the code.
  • Pagination
The pagination of the database is very easy to use and implement because of the integration of the laravel paginator with eloquent ORM. It makes the content layout more organized by splitting the content into several pages.
  • MVC
Laravel supports MVC architecture, which maintains the layer of separation between the business logic and presentation logic. The MVC design pattern becomes one of the reasons to improve the application performance.
  • Security
The SQL statements are used in laravel to avoid injection attacks to the website. Additionally, the salted and hash passwords and Bycrypt algorithm are used by the laravel which makes the application more secure and less prone to threats.
  • Blade Templating Engine
The powerful PHP templating engine won’t restrict the developers using plain PHP code in the views. The blade views are compiled in plain PHP code unless they are modified that’s why it adds zero overhead during the development.
  • Laracasts
Laracasts generally works as a tutorial that contains a lot of free and paid videos which helps in understanding the laravel framework. Every time, when new features are added to the platform, the videos related to that feature get automatically added so that the users can easily comprehend them.
  • Artisan console
It’s the most famous command line in the laravel framework which helps the developers extensively by generating the code and eliminating the redundant tasks. Hire PHP developers that are proficient in using the inbuilt command line.
  • Visceral Syntax
The laravel framework includes the finest syntax and visceral syntax is one of them that delights the users while writing the code for the application. The syntax provides the instructions to the developers to correct the error when it’s occurred. This way the time needed to develop the syntax can be reduced.
  • Application Logic
The applications of varying sizes can be easily created by the developer due to easy integration of application logics, and it’s viable through the use of controller and route declarations.

The world’s leading businesses have developed the website on the top of the laravel framework to create the amazing experience with robust security, high performance, and implacability. The framework outshining in the world due to a long list of features encapsulated in it. Do you also want to enhance the quality services with laravel framework? If so, hand over your project to the Best PHP development company, which aids you to get the website built tailored to business needs.

Friday, 14 April 2017

How To Design The Mobile Apps With Stunning UI?

The mobile app has not just remained a jargon in the world, while it has become a way of living with its tight integration into our lives. It doesn’t mean that as you build a mobile app and users will start using it. Instead, the experience the mobile app creates make it worthy enough to stay on the top of the users’ mind.

UI design Mobile Apps

The mobile app can create a major breakthrough only when it is visually appealing, in turn, packed with phenomenal designs, simple layout, seamless navigation and easily understandable concept. There is a big room for the mobile app developers to experiment with the UI design that captures the users’ attention at the speed of thought and entice them like nowhere.

However, the UI designing is really a tough game to play, but when it’s played following certain tips, it becomes a great fun.

Here, we have rounded up a few tactics that help developers in designing better experiences through unmatched UI engineering. They are:
  • Ensure it’s for users
Of course, the mobile app users stay at the core of the mobile app development. But, when it comes to actual development, less often the user experience is much regarded and it’s designed the way what developers find the best. That’s absolutely wrong. The app must be developed for the users keeping the users in mind.

To know what the users want in the app from inside out, it’s better to go beyond the analytics and stats and speak with the target users to comprehend and amalgamate their opinions in the app.
  • Make it responsive
Certainly, no user is going to use the app on a particular mobile with specific screen size and configurations. Make sure that the mobile app layout, designs, text, and graphics get easily adaptable to all the devices without any image distortion or scrolling issue. Here, tweaking the media queries, CSS and JavaScript is needed.
  • Iteration is an advantage
It’s not essential that the design that’s created after a lot of research, efforts, and planning is turned out to be perfect in one shot and won’t need any further modification. Instead, testing, analyzing and then refining the design is the best approach to finally build the design that becomes eye-candy and can retain the users’ attention for a longer run.

Iterate the user interface as many times you want to improve the app performance and user experience.
  • Think about graphics size
In mobile apps, one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work as the graphics has to be made adaptable to various screen sizes, else the visual appeal of the app gets impacted.

The format of the graphic file also plays a vital role in increasing the app’s loading speed and making the app hang too often. Different media formats like PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, WebP and more are supported by different platforms which are good for high resolution, tweaking, storage and easy downloading. Leverage the graphics format and size prudently.
  • Team up with users for beta testing
Even if the UI is designed keeping end-users at the top of the mind, but its real evaluation can be best accomplished by none other than end users. Consult the users at bay to avoid the whole re-designing or making major changes in the app UI. Even, the end-users have proven to be better tester and QA than your professional QA and beta testing team in the UI design assessment.
  • Adhere to the OS guidelines
Innovating and experimenting with the design elements, widgets, icons, and controls are good, but they must follow the OS user interface guidelines. Besides, every platform and OS has different rules and guidelines that the app much stick to, else the app may face the app store rejection. When the guidelines are overlooked, you truly reinvent the wheel in UI designing.

Summing it all up

The success quotient of the mobile app depends on how high the app’s UI is standing on the usability, customer experience, and modern trends ladder. You can raise the bar of the mobile app by teaming up with the best mobile application development company that design the great UI for the mobile app by strictly adhering to the design trends, design principles, and aforementioned design tips.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

How Can E-commerce Store Get Ahead Of The Pack With Magento Migration?

Going online is the urgent need of every business and the tool they use to go digital works as a backbone for the Ecommerce store. The hoard of platforms such as Magento, Woo-commerce, Big-commerce, PretaShop and more is available in the market on the top of which the businesses can build their online presence.

Top 7 Benefits Of Migrating Ecommerce Store To Magento Platform

In the Ecommerce platform world, Magento leads the way with more than 200,000 retailers that are counting on Magento to showcase and sell the products and services. Over the period of nine years, the platform has gained the retailers’ trust with the myriad of features and no security breach. The platform comprises of two platforms Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition to match the varied business requirements.

That’s the reason the increasing number of merchants is developing the Ecommerce store from the scratch or migrating the store to Magento platform.

Take a look at what are the benefits the merchants can experience with Magento Ecommerce development or Magento Migration:
  • Scalability
The startups or SMEs are not aware of when the customers or sales grow by a number of folds. Here, the Magento platform helps that let the website easily scale and functions smoothly as the traffic volume to the Ecommerce store increases without any system crash.

Also, the online eCommerce can grow with the aid of third-party software because Magento easily integrates the solutions like- Sales force, POS or more.
  • SEO friendliness
Magento is packed with essential SEO elements that include meta tag, canonical tag, permalinks, user generated views, heading tags, search- friendly URLs, link redirection and so on. The businesses need to hire Magento developers who are not only well-versed in Magento development, but also make the website SEO optimized.

The platform can also help in improving organic traffic to the store by ranking in the top positions on the search engines.
  • Open source
Magento is an open source content management system that mainly leveraged for Ecommerce development. The open source code allows the developers more freedom to experiment with the tools and functionalities offered. The high flexibility, easy accessibility, and robust security make it the top choice of Magento developers and the online businesses.
  • Third party integrations
The Magento is open in nature and can integrate with hundreds of third party software seamlessly to improve the Ecommerce services and enhance customer experience. For instance, for easy checkout the multiple payment gateway integrations are enabled, to better manage the marketing campaigns the MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and SalesForce integration is enabled, and so on.
  • Magento versions
There are different versions of Magento available that merchants use based on their needs.

Magento Go is one of the hosted solutions designed for small businesses and startups that has everything inbuilt, which is needed to sell the products online.

Magento community is a free version that’s used by a range of retailers to get the benefit of the features they find most suitable for their business.

Magento enterprise is a premium version of the Magento that’s a bit expensive but offers a maximum number of the features to the enterprise-level retailers.
  • Mobile optimization
60% of the traffic volume driving to the Ecommerce store is from mobile. It indicates making the Ecommerce website get easily open and browsed on the range of mobile devices is very important. Magento enables the mobile optimized Ecommerce development which provides a seamless experience to the customers and allows them to look through the store offerings on-the-go.
  • Range of functionalities 
The platform is packed with out-of-the-box features, tools, and resources that enable the comprehensive Ecommerce development which fulfills all the customers’ expectations, ease the business operations and enhance the growth.

Some of the common features that Magento provides are multi store, product bundles, CMS pages, inbuilt up-selling/cross selling, configurable pricing, user management and advanced shipping.

Summing it up

In the race of innovation and excellence, the Ecommerce stores are jumping onto the Magento platform to build the website that aids merchants stand out in the fierce competition. Partnering with the right Magento development company, the existing stores can seamlessly migrate to Magento platform to make the most out of the features that platform is offering. Establish a successful online business with Magento migration.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

How Can Businesses Chalk Up Profits With Responsive Website?

Shopping, communication and information search that eats up a lot of time and appears boring, have now become more interesting and quicker than ever through the internet. The day after another, the new websites or applications are built to serve the unmet needs of the customers. For the businesses, having an online presence has become an integral part of the business to improve accessibility.

But, with technology advancements, the emergence of new devices and their astronomical use, the market is shifting to the mobile world. It doesn’t signify the importance of websites have mitigated, while the prominence of having a mobile optimized website is increased.

Responsive web development

The staggering growth of smart phones and tablets have mandated the businesses to have the responsive website design that allows the users to browse the website across every device seamlessly.

The responsive web design easily gets re-sized the website content, UI elements or layout into any screen size so that when users read, scroll, or navigate the website, they get a similar experience as if the website is built for the specific device only.

The excellent feature of the responsive website design, that’s high adaptability brings a lot of benefits to the businesses. See what are they?  

1) Level up the user experience

Presently, the users don’t like to limit the internet browsing to the devices. Instead, they like to get the information available when they are searching for them on-the-go or glued to their desktop seamlessly. It’s viable with responsive website development wherein the users receive the same experience irrespective of the device they are using. The responsiveness takes the user experience to a whole new level and encourages engagement.  

2) Makes the website scalable

The newly launched devices that intrigue the audience becomes a headache for the businesses if the website is not responsive as they need to build another website for the new screen size. On the other hand, the fluid nature of responsive design alleviates this need as the design scale up or scale down in an automated fashion to best fit the screen size. It’s actually making the business website future-proof.

3) Budget suitability

Engineering multiple websites cost huge dollars to the businesses. Instead, hiring responsive design services, businesses can get built the website that supports desktop and a range of mobile devices, which means spending for one website, the multiple websites can be built. A single URL works for all. It’s a good saving.   

4) Improve SEO ranking

Certainly, the website that gets more clicks, views, and traffic, and upsurges the user experience is rated as the best and positioned on the first page in search engine results. The responsive website has earned the virtue of getting more clicks and visitors as opposed to non-responsive design. The top ranking in the search engines improves the business throughput.

5) Google loves it

A few years back, Google made an important announcement that the websites which are mobile-friendly and support multiple devices will be rewarded by keeping them at the top ranking positions. This way the non-responsive websites will get penalized with low ranking positions. Following the Google recommendation, you can improve the business visibility over the Google with a responsive design.

6) Hassle-free management

Upgrading and managing the multiple websites is a challenging task that increases the workload of the businesses by manifolds. Here, the responsive website is a panacea where business just needs to manage one website and the websites for all devices get managed automatically. The change in the content or addition of any new feature gets easily reflected in all the websites.

7) Not losing mobile users

In the USA, businesses are receiving 60% of the traffic from the mobile, which is constantly growing at a fast pace. The responsive design enables the businesses to allow the mobile users browse the website from the device right in their hand and gain the users’ traction, else the competitors are ready to take hold of them.

Closing thought

The responsive website design has not remained a luxury item, while it has become essential to keep the business visible in the digital world. The high proliferation of mobile devices and boom in the mobile applications together hint the same thing that if businesses don’t want to get left behind, then going responsive is a must have.

Definitely, opting for the design that can adapt is a wise move. What do you think? Do you want to incorporate the responsive design in your website development strategy? Let us know your views in the comments below.

Friday, 10 March 2017

3 Things To Consider Before Jumping On The WordPress Bandwagon

In 2015, the WordPress crossed the threshold of 24% of the market share as a platform leveraged by the businesses to create the online presence. In 2017, it is predicted that WordPress will rock as the most popular content management system with 65% of the market share.

The WordPress platform is shining due to the constant changes made, new plugins added, new libraries introduced and resources enriched. It’s inspiring the entrepreneurs to build the website on the WordPress platform and garner the benefit of the loyal user base.

But, having just a great idea to build the website is not everything. There are some roadblocks that come when the actual WordPress Web Development begins. However, the challenges can be resolved if the following suggestions are taken into the consideration.

Take a quick look at how the WordPress development can be made plain-sailing:

1) Take The Consultation

No matter whether you are new to the website development or have already built website on other platforms, quantifying the idea to build the next website on WordPress is good or not is more important. Your business needs define the platform you should board your journey with. 
There consulting the business consultant is better who will provide their expert advice, leveraging the experience with the platform and can illustrate what features you should include while engineering the website so that all the business requirements are finely fulfilled.

2) Look For Better Development Team

Definitely, thinking about the development without development team is no-brainer. Either you should have a brilliant WordPress development team or you have to hire the WordPress developers from the WordPress Development company

This is the major cornerstone of the web development journey because a team can either make or break your project, if they are not clear with your business vision, not skilled in programming or not experienced enough. Ensure the team you are going to hire must be well-versed in WordPress development so that in the end the results won’t suffer.

There are some checkpoints that you should assess like- the experience they have with WordPress development, knowledge of custom theme and plugin development, provide site maintenance and necessary update, provide SSL certificate, give best suggestions for good hosting and domain, and so on.

When the developers get passed in an interview by rightly answering the questions, it implies they are a good fit for the web development. Although it’s a time-consuming process, but the correct assessment of the developers’ efficiency and capability is significant as it will define the success or failure of the project. 

3) Know WordPress nitty-gritty

Finally, the consultants have guided you whether you should get your feet wet in WordPress development or not, and the best WordPress development team is hired. But, still, you may need to have the basic knowledge of WordPress.

It’s all-important to analyze the team is going the right way or not, content created is up-to-the-mark or not and the level of maintenance provided. If you do not approve of the services offered by the team, then you should have some familiarity with WordPress, which helps you to update the plugins or themes on your own, create and modify the content dynamically, change the website settings and so forth. 

Summing it up

Have you planned to be in business for years to come? If so, making your business future-proof with WordPress development is a smart decision. Although WordPress website development and optimizing it as per the trends is not an easy task. That’s where you should hire consulting services, development and nurture the WordPress knowledge to make your website perfect. When the website keeps up with modern trends, free from security issues and continuously updated, your business is all set for the success. Good luck, carry on!