Friday, 16 December 2016

Features of Basketball Slam Dunk- 3D iPhone Game Development

The NBA league is on and what could be the best time than this to enjoy this challenging game called Basketball? Giving mobile game lovers a new and a realistic way to play football, iOS developers at Potenza Global Solutions developed this creative game, 3D Basketball Slam Dunk Game. This 3D basketball game gives you the real basketball fun with its realistic background and imagery. It is a top basketball mobile game which is going on improvising with new versions being released consistently.

Slam Dunk Basketball

What is this basketball game about?

This slam dunk basketball game allows you to play the game in three modes. You can choose to play from the three modes:
  1. Arcade Mode: It allows the players to play till all the balls are spent. Each goal helps the player get a ball.
  2. Time Mode: In this mode, there are a specific number of goals to be achieved within a specific time.
  3. Distance mode: In this mode of basketball shooting, the score relies on the distance from which the ball is thrown. The greater the distance the higher will be the score earned.
Each mode offers different bonuses. For instance, time mode offers a big basket with three clear goals in a row, whereas arcade basketball offers extended aim after you score five goals in a row.

3D Basketball Slam Dunk
How to play the game?

For basketball shot all you need to do is touch anywhere on the screen and drag the ball towards the basket to throw the ball. To get the ball right into the basket, all the players need to do is to pick the right angle to deliver the shot. While the game is on the score is shown on the screen. This acts as a motivation for basketball players to move ahead with bubbling enthusiasm.

Real Basketball Court
Owing to unique and creative 3D effects used in this urban basketball game, players get a feel that resemble the game play on real basketball ground. It is one of the free basketball games in the apps world for all those who cannot go to the playground for the game. Yet, they will not miss a thing from the physical game.

For those who love slam dunk basketball games, this game is sure to be an engaging and enthralling one. It is one of the best basketball games which have been presented in the form of an iOS app by Potenza Global Solutions, iPhone game development company.

All the modes and challenges present in this fun basketball game become tough to be surpassed ahead in the game. This makes the game all the more exciting.

Experience playing street basketball with this exceptional slam dunk game!

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

How to Make the Best of Your Available Closet Space

Designing a closet has really been necessary as they are the only place where one could keep and intact all things in one. Closet helps us to divide the space evenly and also the closet design tool will make the things more interesting and also exciting. The thing about the design tool helps us to arrange it properly according to our idea and our own space and creativity. Generally when we go anywhere to buy such items it happens that most of us are unable to decide what goes best about the product but with the help of the designing tool it becomes easier for the customer to design things according to the space and divide it accordingly.

It is very much obvious that the closets can be easily made for the personal as well as for the Professional uses too therefore one should design it according to the requirement of the hour. Since for professional you need compact spaces and more drawers so it is very much obvious that one would be customizing the lockers or the drawer as per the need and the requirement. Also if is necessary to have a look on things like how to keep your things safer. It is really necessary that the things must be placed accordingly and also safely.

Now usually working on with the drawers is just not to make the rightful space but also to ensure that the things are safe. So basically if you are working on with your personal closet then it is necessary to see whether the clothes kept inside could be adjusted easily and kept safe or not. Also with the hell of the glass doors it becomes easy to look for the various things. You can easily customize or design your own cabinet with the glass doors.

Now the best thing about the glass doors o cabinets would be that you can easily find your things at your own place. Like in management for the school it becomes easier to have the glass drawers as you can easily locate the things at single place. Also the glass doors are easier to maintain and you can even keep them from dust free.

We have also seen the jewellery drawers when we go to the Jewellery shop have not it been really easy to see the jewellery and also not to make it lose. There are so many previous things that one likes to collect or Store in some good place therefore with the glass doors or cabinets it really becomes easy to safe such things at a certain place. It has really been easy for us to come up with such show pieces as you can see there are so many things one can also make it in display to the others. This way then you can picture or design your own closet in your own style and give it a personal touch and make it look really worthy and creature to be the eye candy of the place.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

6 Amazing Facts about Magento Website Development Which You Ever Came Across

Started in 2008, Magento is now one of the best web development platforms online. It has gained the interest of millions in such a short span of time. It is the most used Ecommerce platforms that are available in the market. Each and everything from website’s layout to its storefront can be customized which enable a business to enlarge its boundaries of creativity and innovation so as to create an incredible experience of shopping. But, there are few facts that we don’t yet know but we should know about Magento. This article will talk about all those aspects.

1.     Magento tends to offer two editions to public out of which one is paid and one is free. Magento community is the edition that comes for free while to take the benefit of Magento Enterprise you will have to pay. The base codes for both the editions are same but the enterprise version comes with better support and functionality. There also came an edition known as Magento Go but it isn’t available now.

2.    EBay acquires Magento. According to the latest surveys, it has been found out that Magento is the most popular ecommerce development platform with 26% of shares and this is the fourth year where this phenomenon is still present and running the same as it was in past four years.

3. At the time of payment options or handling, shipping and product customization, Magento tends to be very nimble as it is the most flexible platform. From the point of view of intuitive administrative interface Magento allows one to manage the functionality, content and appearance of the store.

4.     The cost of the outsourcing that is required for setting up of one’s online store comes down to a very great level and this is due to the availability of the n number of Magento developers. Along with the assistance of enthusiastic community of Magento which is always on their toes to help you and the operation to the Magento community edition becomes undemanding. Further, people should also consider all the n number of benefits and facilities that this platform provides when they hear any of the complaint regarding its performance. Because in this resource hungry world the volume of transaction is very large while the platform tends to fall short of it.

5.  Magento tends to be easily adaptable and extensible and this is due to the availability more than five thousand extensions. And because of the availability of these extensions the store owners can tailor their stores so as to meet the requirements of their businesses.

6. Magento is based on a framework known as Zend framework which applies the conventions of model view controller architecture and object oriented programming. And because of these aspects there is easy to maintain and glitch free coding. Magento was practically designed and initiated to discover the advantages of operating a multi server setup in a crowded environment so that the number of web servers can be scaled. And so to handle the large volume of requests becomes convenient. Further, the performance and functioning of your business can be increased considerably by increasing the number of nodes.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Top 5 Step to Increase Organic Site Traffic On Your Business Website

Organic site traffic is one of the guaranteed solutions that aids in flourishing your business to new heights. You might be surprised with the term ‘Organic Traffic. Organic traffic is nothing but the traffic that lands at your website as a result of unpaid search results. You can define it with the term ‘Free advertising’. Today’s digital world is full of so many examples of many business owners who have achieved ample of successful leads with the help of organic site traffic. In this case hiring Organic SEO Services would play a major role.

There are heaps of ways to improve and increase your organic site traffic out of which important ones are mentioned below:

Follow a genuine approach: Getting success in the online business asks for genuine approach to be followed during the processing and functionalities of the business. You can begin with writing your own website content and advertising material to present an authentic image of your business among the users. It’s vital that users observe your authentic image as it aids into increasing your website organic traffic and keeps it steady for long too. One should look for service providers who can offer affordable SMO Services.

Manage your personal blog: Just like being authentic in approach, you must maintain your personal blog to give a raise to your organic site traffic and this can happen with Organic SEO services only. When you maintain your own personal blog, people will come to know more about you and start trusting your firm and its products and services. It is the best approach to stay connected with the customers and maintain a close connection with the users. Personal blog is the best way to represent the real you to the users and maintain credibility in the competitive market.

Stay connected with social media: Getting connected with major social media outlets will bring you ten times more organic traffic. If you are connected with the entire social media accounts featuring your business profile, then you can expect a great surge in your website traffic. Today’s generation follows the easiest way to get in touch with everybody. It’s hard for them to remember the websites or their URL’s. When you link your business with the social media accounts, you offer your customers with an easy approach to reach you and that too without any hassle. Companies providing affordable SMO Services can help you reach your goals.

Be regular in your endeavors: while maintaining an online business, it becomes evident to maintain the consistency in your approaches. It’s not that once you have maintained a relationship with a customer and later you forget to be in touch. Whatever approach you are carrying out to increase your website traffic, you must do the same with dedication and follow a routine to bring the desired result. When customers find a consistent working on your website, they will surely land at the site and it helps in improving your organic site traffic.

Do regular SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) ensures a great footfall of the customers in the most organic form on your online platform. The more SEO you will apply in your content and website management, the more customers will land at your website thereby raise your website position over the leading search engines.

Increasing your website traffic is not a tedious task. It’s only that, you need to apply relevant measures to bring the result on the right track.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Strategies to Improve Mobile App Downloads

The world of mobile app development is very competitive. There is n number of apps hitting the markets every day and not all of those are successful. Most of these apps ail to hit the chord with the users not just because they are not good enough. Many are not as well publicized, so users don’t come to know about them and their existence fades over time. The main focus is on getting the app discovered on the app stores, may it be Play Store of the iOS app store. Here are five marketing strategies that can be used during mobile application development to boost the download of apps

  • App Store Optimization: This is the sibling of Search Engine Optimization. The better the ranking of the app on the result page of the app store, the more views it will have. This helps get more traffic to the app’s page on the app store and when these potential users go through the information and they like whatever the description is given there, they go ahead and download it. Optimization is different for both Play Store and Apple store. Apple relies on users’ reviews, ratings, downloads and general on-page optimization. This means that proper keywords must be made use of in the title as well as the description. Quality should be maintained, as Google clearly states that over repetition and irrelevant use of the keywords may lead to suspension of the app due to unsatisfactory user experience.

  • Getting reviews and media coverage: Apart from mobile application development, another important aspect that can be easily overlooked is that of publicity. To boost the app downloads, one has to get huge traffics to the app page, and that is possible by getting good sites to review the app. This leads the readers of the review sites, blogs, articles or newspapers to search for the app and use it. Research should be done on the review pages used by the competitors and those same bloggers can be approached and asked to do a piece on your app. It is important to keep in mind that the review should be a positive one, as these reviews are then used by the app store editors to select apps for their featured section. 

  • Reviews and Testimonials of the users: What matters more than the review of journalists is the review of the users who are already using the app. Mobile app development is a field where success depends upon the word of mouth of the users. People listen to what others have to say before downloading the app. This can be encouraged in two ways. One is to send push notifications to the users whilst they are using the app. This may be frustrating and annoying for some users as it affects negatively the experience of app usage. The other, more subtle way to get the users to review and rate the app is by running a contest or providing some incentive to the users to review the app. But it should be made sure that the reviews are positive, as negative reviews have a big influence on future users. 

  • Social Media to the rescue: With the demographic being young, mobile app development should be done in a way that it integrates social media sites with the app. Advertisements should be done through social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and others. 

  • Promo Codes: App developers for iOS can make use of promo codes to provide free app downloads to a few people. This leads to promotion of the app by word of mouth. Promo codes can also be given to a limited number of users through social networking sites as a part of a prize. Android users can be given links to download app’s APK for free and use codes to redeem the features of the app. 

These strategies are well and enough during the launch of the app, but the app once downloaded can be deleted, thus app developers should make sure that they keep re targeting their audience and keep coming up with strategies to re-engage their users. After once starting with the promotion, it should not stop as it doesn’t take time for the followers of the app to lose interest and download a newer app. 

Monday, 20 June 2016

Is Investment In The Automated Deployments Beneficial

An automated deployment can be called as a simple website or a software deployment which makes the use of a software process which is initiated by a change in the code or by a particular man-made stimulation specifically designed by the developers. For instance, the example of a person who checks the code on which he is working on can be taken up. This can be built on its own and deployed to a work environment which is related to the internal development. It will be of great benefit to the clients, the managers of the projects as well as the other developers. The change can be foreseen in a very quick manner without much wastage of time for the people who will come and go through the whole process.

The benefit of automated deployment is that there is no need of continuous deployment. Automated deployment saves the time the team as well as its members because multiple deployments are made to take place on daily basis in any work environment. There are a lot of services as well as soft wares which offer the automated deployments and other splendid features like those of the integration testing and much more. Deployment will overall prove to be very prosperous for your work environment as well as for your website. The benefits of deployment of a developed website are as follows:

Time saving

The best way of deploying is by hitting the ‘publish’ button in the visual studio setup. By clicking this option for a few times will update the site automatically. The time of the process will vary from 1 minute to 30 minutes.  If you think that the deployment of a website will consume a lot of precious time of yours, you are totally wrong here. It will take only 5 minutes of yours to deploy your site. The deployment process is very easy and so you need not undergo the time consuming process of copying the files from one place to the other. The cost of setup is high of the CI/CD/AD but it is compensated by the time saving throughout the whole project. Even if you are at a particular stage of your project where there is a need of multiple deployments, automated deployment will cut short the process and will save a lot of time of yours.

Fewer chances of errors 

There is a wide possibility for you to get to hit the ‘publish’ button in the visual studio and further use the Web Deploy. If you do not have a chance of hitting the same button then you will need to write some particular files to the HDD and further carry out the process of the copy-paste option from the Remote Desktop window.  The process of automated deployment is sure to be correct every time it is put to use. If anything goes wrong, the scenarios can be handled in a similar manner. 

Reduces the facility of learning curve

There are a lot of commonly uttered phrases by the new team members which come in hearing from one of the developers to the other who are working on a particular stage of a project. The automated deployment comes to use even when there is a need of change in the codes. The deployments can be triggered with the help of a few clicks and there isn’t any need of any kind of indulgence in the infrastructure credentials to the various developers who are working temporarily on the project.

So, it is always better for you to take up the idea of automated developments and cut short the pain of copying the files from one place to the other. Deployment is always there for your rescue. You can contact us and feel free to visit here for your

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Mobile App Or The Mobile Web - Which Is Better In Digital Banking?

In this multichannel world, customers are easily moving between devices in the course of one single transaction. Your customers hope for you to support innovations in mobile banking whether it is a retail transaction or a complex one like insurance claim or loan application.

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It can be said that multi-channel is not only a responsive design for catering the needs of both the desktop and mobile but it is also about the various transactions mediums like fax, call centers, etc. For this reason your mobile app development approach should be more than a simple mobile-only approach.

Many of us browse online web applications and websites via mobile browsers. These applications are hosted online and are transaction-oriented. This makes them perfect for one-time or occasional use in digital banking setup. On the other side, mobile apps are convenient and easy to use. However, it’s not essentially a clear-cut and easy decision on how to support innovations in mobile banking: mobile web or the apps. This post will give you points to consider before jumping into mobile app development.

1 – Should I use the mobile web or there is a need for an app?

The main idea is to get to the bottom of the problem related to digital banking and the business function the client/customer is going to execute. Is it required readily available all the time? Consider making an app only if the customers express their interest to use the business function regularly or offline – otherwise prefer the option of using the mobile web. In case of opening a bank account, mobile web will serve the purpose.

2 –Should I configure an existing rather than building a new one?

The first question here comes is to find an existing app that can give you what you require. There is a powerful set of enterprise-class mobile applications such Dropbox, and Box can be customized or used off the shelf.

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3 –What are the benefits of a composite approach?

A composite approach is the one which lets you to store your repeatedly used features for your application and retrieve occasionally used features with the help of a weblink. In case of mobile app development, always give thorough attention to composite approach because this might give you the perfect way to implement and execute the most critical components of your digital banking plan.

4 – What method should I consider to develop my app?

You should build your app using HTML5. In case you have good reason and knowledge to develop an app natively then go for a cross-platform framework. With the help of platform’s native tools, you can perform a specific function. The mobile app development can also be outsourced.

5 –Should there be a shift in some part of accountability from IT to business?

As far as content creation is concerned, you can encourage the business to handle it.  For the marketing-type websites, the fresh and modern approach is that IT maintains and supports web content management system. Also, the business maintains the content which is hosted by that particular system.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Little Web Design Things Can Make Or Break A Website

In today’s web world, the most important thing is website. Website design is one very important career option. These websites are the main catalysts that help one use the Internet effectively. If these websites were not available, one could not use the Internet effectively. These are innumerable websites available as each company that wants its presence to be online; they have to make websites that the users will visit to obtain information about the company and its products. 

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So, one needs to design their websites well as they are like the face of their company and they play a very important role in making or breaking the image of the company. Though, one might thing using bold and large fonts and vibrant colors will attract attention, one tends to forget that the little things also matter. Sometimes, the little things can get the company the required attention. If one pays proper attention to the little things then that can act to be very significant in adding to the traffic and viewership of the content on the website.

So, there are few little things that one should keep in mind to design a website effectively.

  • The first thing to make sure is that the website should look very simple. It should have less buttons, which is they must have a simple user interface. The mantra is to keep a simple structure but it should also be a concrete one.  If the base is concrete, then the website will work efficiently and also give the user nice time while surfing the website. Anything that looks clumsy distracts one’s attention and they would end up ignoring the website. So, clumsiness should always be ignored. If the page that filled with a lot of information and a lot of drop boxes or other information given all at the same time then the user might get confused and that adds to less traffic on websites. 

  • Another thing is that one has to be particular about the scrolls. One can use both long and short scrolls for their websites. If one uses a long scroll, then the user might have to scroll down a lot for finding a particular piece of information, so it is recommended that one should use shorter scrolls for ease of their user. These things might seem to be small but they are very significant as these little things matter and can make a website good. Though, it is noticed that new websites that keep longer scrolls have more readership. So, it totally depends on the essence of the website. One needs to understand the topic of their website and then the kind of content best decides how the scrolling should be done. There is another important thing that one needs to know is that scrolling makes scanning harder. 

  • The size of the body text and other elements are very important in designing the structure of the website. The size and the font of the website also matter quite a lot. If the font is rightly done then the website would look neat and would also make the user keep coming back to view the website over and over again. These little things are very important to make the website a great hit among the users. The little things if kept in mind can add very significantly to the website’s traffic. Website design helps analyze all of this.

  • One can change the body text and size at any given time. So, one should rationally understand the kind of information they are giving in the website, so the body text and scale size can be adjusted at any time. So, one should choose the font and body text as per their content. 

All these are designing tips are very helpful while designing. Such kind of things affects a lot or you can say that these can make your website unique and if you not follow them your website will not getting popularity. If you want to design effective website then website design services by potenza global solutions is one of the best source for you.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Correct The Common Online Marketing Mistake You Often Make

Business and marketing are very common terms that we use and also see people use. However, the meaning is vast. Also, there are many business activities that people carry out in order to earn profit and make a comfortable living. Also, marketing is a very common word that has taken shape of a great career option. Marketing might seem a simple task but it has a lot of unexplored areas that people often do not notice or explore. Sometimes, it so happens that marketing activities might take the business down or remain a stagnant growth. So one should rather know about the few common mistakes that they must avoid in order using the marketing activities to grow your business well.

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1. Keep data limited- there are only two metrics that matter in marketing and they are cost to acquire a customer and lifetime value of a customer. These are the only two metrics that matter under marketing. Also, what matters is if the value of the customer is greater than the cost to acquire one, then the marketer is going in the direction. This way, one also earns customers and also makes good profit.

2. Never ignore the key marketing tactics- it usually so happens that people feel, usually small businesses think that marketing is one such activity that involves spending a great amount of money. While, one does not understand that these important and traditional tactics can always help the business to grow. One should never ignore these important ways so that they make the best of the money they spend. Do not focus on wrong tactics as they might look appealing initially but they only lead to wastage of time and money. So, one should be very careful about the marketing functions they choose because it involves a good amount of money and the small businesses cannot really afford to lose out on time and money.

3. Focus on the wrong aspect or brand- also, it usually happens that people before starting the business activity decide what their brand would look like in the market. This is a wrong action one must not decide what they want the customers to feel initially only. Because what truly happens is that the customer are the ones who decide what the brand would look like. It is not possible to make the customers feel what the company wants to feel, at the end customers feel only what they wish to perceive the product. So, one should focus on the activities only.

These are the common marketing mistakes which many people face it and confused to get correct solution. If you are looking for right solutions for online marketing then you can visit

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AngularJS Vs EmberJS - Analog of Javascript Frameworks

The urge for more efficient apps with more user friendly features has pushed the developers to the next level to bring in incremental developments for creating more technically advanced applications. New advancement is to move forward in gaining minimalist, speed and most importantly performance. Looking onto these three aspects as priorities, the AngularJS has been launched into the industry domain of app development with it exceptional features. Loaded with immense capabilities and excellent tool sets, this framework is being titled as the “Superheroic”. 

The release of Angular 2.0 by the end of 2015 has paved way towards a more efficient framework encompassed with improved features. 

Our editorial staff along with experienced developers has researched and analyzed this new framework and compared it with EmberJS just to help you find out which can better work for your app development. 

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Let us start now

Angular JS – A New Inclusion in the House of JavaScript Frameworks

The exceptional features have boosted the popularity of Angular JS recently among numerous developers. Its immense capability and extensibility feature has added more to its benefits.
Two major advantages are 

  • Modularization 
  • Two way data binding

Along with it the other advantages include 

  • Directly manipulating data to the template
  • Dependency injection 

Additionally, there are numerous other benefits like one can take in the all the essential modules, services and filters through injector. 

With two-way data binding having its own advantage, it can also be looked upon as a disadvantage if too much data or complexity is added to it, which hampers the performance. When complex Angular expressions with functions are added to the module, then it may create a problem rather than improving the end-result. 

One more task that most developers face or we may say suffer is debugging – the scariest and toughest task. When too complex expressions are involved in the script then it becomes quite painstaking for the developers to find out and resolve from where the problem comes. 

Now let us look upon Emberjs Framework

Based on Javascript platform, EmberJS assists in effectively managing the sophistication of a large application. With the aid of minimal code, it makes it quite simple and less tough to manage multi-page JavaScript apps. With EmberJS development, the very first thing to consider is “Convention over Configuration.” 

Some of the key features of EmberJS framework are

  • Comprehensive configurations make it a little complicated and tricky.
  • EmberJS framework directs in making things easier, naming conventions, and automatically generating results.
  • This framework includes handlebars templating engines, which it best utilizes in decreasing the length of the code written. 

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EmberJS Vs AngularJS

Size of the Framework

The factor that greatly differentiates the two is the size of the framework. This is an essential aspect as it determines the page load time. For every website to be successful, it should load into few seconds without making the user to wait for long as this will frustrate the viewer. Here choosing the Angularjs framework is the better option. 

Application Structure

Both the frameworks have their own unique way when it comes to the development of an application. AngularJS emphasizes heavily on the use of models and two-way data binding whereby laying emphasis on the configuration of the document. Added to this, for a single representation, AngularJS goes along with HTML syntax. When we look into EmberJS framework, it also does utilizes two-way data binding and event driven structure, however it focuses more on the behavior of the application. 

Developer Community

There is a huge community of proficient developers for each of the framework. Though, it is crucial to the look at the strength of the each community when it comes of choosing a framework. AngularJS is benefited with a big community compared to the other framework. The more the developers, the more the number of resources and helpful tools to find and more support when needed. More detailed information and many tutorials along with documentations are available on the Youtube about AngularJS. On deep analyzing, it is clearer that AngularJS bags more points in its knack to have a larger community. 

This only shows us that a large group of developers and geeks are working towards building and upgrading this framework for app development. 

Templating Engine

When it comes to templating engine, AngularJS comes first as it has an intense perceptive of DOM. The framework supports in lowering the coding to a good extent and aids in the development of a well-structured template. On the other hand, EmberJS framework is totally on the support of straight text manipulation for its templating and does not has any understanding of DOM. 

Which is the Best for you to choose?

In a nutshell, we can say that both these frameworks – AngularJS and EmberJS are similar in numerous ways but have their own differences attached with weak points when it comes to an app development. The vague divergence is specially seen with technological advancement with some upgradation in order to increase the minimalism and better performance. 

When looking at AngularJS framework, it has the ability to show a large static data whereas EmberJS involves in interactivity, making it easy to manage changes in an efficient manner. Therefore, it is quite difficult to incline towards any one framework and put the choice on it. The best way is to analyze your app requirement, the market you are targeting and the skill set you have. This all put together will help you choose the right framework.

Still having confusion or want to develop an application? Do talk to our experts!NOW!

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Top PHP Programming Practices Every Developer Must Follow

In earlier days PHP development was limited to its procedures. Its applications had certain elements and these procedures provided a level of re-usability that were called by other applications. oo characteristics can still be introduced by the php development programmer without formulating object oriented language in the codes. If the process is a difficult, then its ability to maintain relation between classes and interfaces makes it less complicated to emerge with codes which are ruled by the oo practice.

Let us glance through top 5 PHP coding habits a PHP programmer should follow:

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1.Tackle errors independently:

The classes must be able to tackle errors independently. Therefore you should package it in such a format that can be understood easily by the caller. Moreover, you should refrain from returning object in the condition of null and invalidity. This is taken care of by just removing few exceptions and confirming arguments so as to prove the invalidity of the supplied disagreements. This practice will help you conserve more time.

2.Keep away from Medusa:

Those who are just beginning to learn the custom php development are always unclear about the importance of interfaces. Moreover the professionals and experts suggests that if you are not using interfaces it would be like peeping in the eyes of Medusa. It is relation to a mythology, where if a person looks into the eyes of a Medusa who is a Greek goddess with snakes, would turn into a stone. It is similar situation with interfaces. If you use them directly it will limit your options.

3.Accepting the feeble links:

It’s good when you group your modules loosely as they permit encapsulating changes. Tackling errors independently and accepting the weakest links will enable you to do your work towards modules that are grouped loosely. If you want to loosely group your classes you must inculcate the characteristic of lowering your dependence towards classes. Making this into a habit will be a fruitful practice. It is great to think of concepts like Separation of concerns if you are trying to build the oo designs as against where programmers part objects from classes, minimizing the grouping.

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4.Being moderate:

Refrain from exposing yourself with your class implementations and functions. Concealing information is termed as a foundational habit and thus it will become more difficult to form other good habits if you have so far been concealing your information. Also termed as encapsulation, revealing public fields can make you lack option when there are changes being made in your implementations. Instead using the oo design or concept to detach the changes and prevent them from spreading.

5.Hold on to the family:

Copy paste operations prove to be one of the big disasters in the oo programming. If it is used without an oo design, it can cause mayhem. Moreover, if you are tempted to make use of the same lines of code from class to another, it will be good if you stop and reconsider the hierarchy of the class that is leveraged to similar functions. Copy pasting codes in many cases is absolutely unnecessary if you are making an effort to build a new design.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Things To Know About Security Testing For Web Apps

Web apps are used to perform major tasks some included to be very crucial related to transaction of funds, money or sharing of personal information. Therefore, when it comes to apps security testing, the main intention behind this is to look for the loopholes that the system may have and to analyze whether the data and resources are protected from hacking threats.

With more and more businesses taking place in the web world with the help of apps, and billions of people using apps for some or the other tasks, security testing plays a pivotal role in all web applications. Because, the hackers are constantly on the verge of inventing the new ways each day for the reason may be financial, recognition or for some fun. Web application development team with less hacking techniques can damage the website if the app is weakly secured. There are numerous reasons that can lead to poor security of apps.

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  • Pressure from the top management who wants the app to go live within short period
  • Big IT companies need to manage giant interconnected networks all the time
  • There may be budget constraints that may decrease the possibility of receiving the security tools

If these reasons fit perfectly, then no doubt, the organization has to face a great loss in different ways – like loss of customer loyalty and confidence, colossal damage to the brand name, expensive remediation cost which can be heavier compared to the post production cost. 

All of the above hurdles can be professionally tackled by following the primary security requirement tests:

Privacy Policy:

Enforce strong security guidelines against the revelation of private information to the third parties other than the intended recipient. 


This process includes confirming the identity of an individual, tracing the originality of the person, ensuring the product’s labeling and packaging as it should be, assuring that a computer program is secured and reliable.


Make sure that the details received through the system is completely true (transmit of information between the two systems is correct).


Make effective arrangement to provide information and communications whenever it is expected.

Confirm that both the receiver and the sender got responses on either side as it is expected to receive (as received and sent, both persons cannot deny their operations and services).


Establish an effective system for the requester to allow them to receive a service or perform operations, and have access control.

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Security Testing Techniques

In order to prevent the above errors arising in security testing, the following testing procedure is mandatory.
  • Cross site scripting need to be checked properly in web application 
  • Find out the third party potential threats on a network
  • Cracking the password
  • Detecting intrusion
  • Audit of security
  • Assessment of risk 
  • Code scanning for detection of security vulnerabilities
  • Technical vulnerability Scanning
  • Network security
  • Fault Code Leaks

The most fundamental procedure that all the security testing engineers follow is the Penetration testing method. This method is highly potent and it is performed to find out whether a hacker can infiltrate into your network or not.

A team of web application development engineers who perform security test need to consider both the app specifications and logic integrated, and innovatively find out the ways in which the hackers may find the ways to damage an application.

Additionally, when a security tester performs the above tests, he should take the precautions to see that the following are not modified:

  • Services already running on the server
  • Client data secured by the application
  • Avoid performing security tests in live sites
  • Configuration of the application or the server

In spite of all the safety measures carried out effectively, we cannot guarantee that our web apps are 100% secured from hacker sites, after all, websites susceptibilities are usual software functionality problems.

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