Thursday, 31 December 2015

Why To Update Your WordPress Website – 7 Reasons To Decode

WordPress is software for the bloggers all around the world i.e. constantly being updated and improved to its latest version. Here the question arises why does the website need to be updated? We have listed down seven reasons that will convince you that updating the website is crucial for the wordpress development.

In fact, ignoring updates in the wordpress development will put a risk to the website and cause inconvenience while using it. Listed below are seven important reasons why wordpress website should be updated.

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1.Higher level performance:

In today’s race of competition everyone wants their website to give high speed performance and make it easy to use. If you have your website updated to will be equipped with the higher level performance. It will ensure you smooth and superior quality performance every time you visit your website. I can give few examples of how previous updates enhanced the performance of the website.

  • Some of the complex queries on the site were at ease after wordpress 4.1 version.
  • Wordpress 4.2 has superior JS performance for the menus in navigation.

Quality performance is essential when it comes to SEO. Your website will work to the best of its potential after it has been updated.

2.Enhanced Features:

With updating the website you will get access to a range of new improved and enhanced features for your website. This will make your website more durable and versatile. You will be able to perform task which you weren’t able to with the older version. The 3.0 version of wordpress had custom navigation and multi-site installation but with 3.1 version navigation become easier by adding the Admin bar further improving the internal linking.

As updates keep coming up, wordpress website development enhances its features and they become more impressive. The 4.1 version has the feature of inline image editing and quicker plug in updates came up with this version.

3.Increased security:

Wordpress is an open source software. 23% of the websites from the world are powered by wordpress. Being a popular website it is widely targeted by the hackers to use the information and break in the website. The security experts can study the codes and report security bugs and fixes. Every time when the security comes to a stage of vulnerability, the wordpress team starts working on the update that will be helpful in fixing the issues.

4.Ensures Compatibility:

If you update you website properly you can ensure compatibility of the software with plug-in. Installing a brand new plug in while using an older version may not provide you that compatibility and may require you to update it to the latest version. This gives you compatibility with the new plug-in you install. Moreover, you will get latest features with an updated version.

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5.Fixes up Bugs:

Fixing up bugs for your website is very important. An upgraded version will enable you to fix the bugs. Many a times bugs come in through cracks that is why minor updates in wordpress takes place to clean these bugs. The recent update of 4.2.3 was released to fix up around 20 bugs that entered in the release of 4.2 version. 

6.Adaptable to changes:

Many of you may be comfortable with the older versions but an updated version has best features and delivers the best service. It therefore essential to make a shift from older version to new version.

7.Satisfying the needs of the visitors:

For satisfying the needs of your visitors or for generating income updating wordpress website is essential. Using older version will lead to less number of visitors. Less traffic will decline your business performance. Thus updated version will keep your visitors happy.


The above mentioned reasons will give you a clear picture why it is essential to update your wordpress website.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Why PHP Framework Is The Top Choice For Website Development

In today’s digitized world adorned with abundant frameworks, platforms and options, developers still count on PHP structure for web development. But why, is the million dollar question.
Even though there has been little advancement in PHP and in its framework, and the fact that there exits only a small proportion of tweaks executed on it as compared to others, it’s still used by many developers and probably is the most preferred platform. The reason why PHP framework remains hot favourite even years after it’s take off is because of the numerous capabilities shown by PHP framework that helps developers to develop customized websites suitable as per client’s needs.

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This article hovers around the question as to why PHP still manages to be developers’ first preference. Let us have a look at some of the best features of PHP development framework

Small Learning Curve

This is perhaps the best part of core PHP  that it has a precisely small learning curve which makes it easy to grasp. So even if a developer is a novice in the field of website development, they can easily understand all the PHP frameworks easily and quickly create a website using PHP development techniques.

Complex conceptualizations- not required!

A problem with other types of framework is that a developer is required to learn complex concepts like Object Oriented Programming and coding procedures only then can they utilize such frameworks to develop websites. But when working with PHP framework, one isn’t required to learn such complicated programming concepts and coding methods. All that is required when working with PHP core is the ability to code in PHP development specific language and they are ready to go.

Double-end Web Development 

Core PHP is the only platform that can be utilized for both front-end and back-end development processes. This provides a developer the advantage to altering a website’s present state simply by changing or altering just a single code. In the case of any other framework, a developer will have to un-code the entire process to find out the relation existing between the frontend and backend for a particular website.

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Browser Compatibility

PHP as a platform is attuned to all kinds of systems, browsers and operating systems. This is one of the biggest advantages core PHP has over other frameworks, as the latter may or may not be compatible with all kinds of browsers. 

This is one the strongest reasons why developers prefer PHP development framework over others.
User-friendly Platform

What is the basic feature required to develop any website? Any website will require a platform that is user-friendly and simple to use, offering a good interface and help in obtaining a good user experience. PHP development framework is user friendly not only from usage viewpoint but also from developmental viewpoint. 

Hence, it’s not a secret anymore as to why PHP framework is hot favourite and preferred majorly amongst developers.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Why iOS Is Better- Biggest Controversies, iOS vs Android Permissions

Today, iOS has a consistent permission system wherein the application clients have the capacity to settle on various choices. In addition, the iOS permission system is much more pragmatic contrasted with the permission system incorporated inside of the Android fueled apps. In this post, I'll be examining key differences in the middle of iOS and Android permissions, in this way assisting you with comprehension why iOS permissions are better contrasted with Android permissions. 

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Presenting clients to hazards 

Not at all like iOS, doesn’t Android offer clients a control over the sort of permissions that the apps could have. That implies, if the client doesn't care for iPhone Game Development application permission, he/she is completely avoided installing the application and its components. 

Solace level of typical clients 

In case you're a typical client who is interested in playing portable iPhone Game Development  without getting your location and contacts gathered by the application, then conducting Android for iOS which will help you. With iOS application permissions, you have the capacity to accomplish a greater control over the amusement, in this way keeping the security of your personal subtle elements from getting compromised in any capacity. 

Management of application permissions 

Despite the fact that Android (adaptation 4.3) is furnished with a default settings menu that manages application permissions, this menu is generally not visible and not accessible to application clients. That implies keeping in mind the end goal to manage your application permissions you have to invest a lot of time and effort. 

'Use it or abandon it' Vs 'Use it as you like it' 

With Android apps, you can either choose to permit all application permission amid the installation process or simply settle on not installing the iPhone Game Development application. iOS clients, then again, can proceed with accepting some application permissions, while denying others. That implies, you can introduce an iOS application whether you choose to accept or prevent any from securing the application permissions. All things considered, the iOS application permission system renders an inside and out comprehension of the scenario of accepting or rejecting a particular application permission. 

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Knowing the gadget elements that the application would be accessing 

In spite of the fact that Android has dependably stayed in front of iOS in context of ease of use; the Android application permissions don't educate anything regarding the cell phone elements that would be accessed and utilized by the application. In contrast to this, iOS application permissions inform the client about the distinctive gadget elements that would be accessed by the application. 


Not at all like the Android application permission system, will the iPhone Game Development permission system alert the clients about the privacy settings the first time when the application tries accessing a particular component like videos, photos, contacts and so on. Hence, iOS clients are very much aware about the opportune time at which they ought to change the privacy settings for keeping their gadget safe from spamming attacks and irritating mass advertisements. 

Protectors of Android application permissions need to realize the way that denying application permissions can without much of a stretch lead to application crashes. Hopefully the Android application permission issues highlighted in the above post will propel you to shift to iOS which is outfitted with much simpler and intuitive application permission architecture.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Top Tips On T-Shirt Designing

Are you facing difficulty in selling your T-shirts? Have you been able to figure out that why is this so or is there any problem with the material design, etc.? We have come up with some useful tips that will help you become a good t- shirt designer.


The most important thing to start designing a t-shirt is that you have to have a concept. A good and a successful t-shirt designer should have a concept while designing a t-shirt. It is very important to use your creative skills in this. For eg. People love freedom; you can express their feelings through a message on the t- shirt. A design without having a message looks empty and dull. It should be catchy.
Imagine your t-shirt is a canvas and throw your ideas on it. The best will come out. You can also take inspirations from the social media which gives amazing messages.


A stylish t-shirt is always in demand. People prefer trendy and stylish clothes. So the t- shirt designer should keep in mind that the product is stylish yet simple. Too many details may spoil the look of the t-shirt.

Choosing the Proper Market

Another very important task is selecting the proper market where you want to sell your product. Deciding on this factor provides you a clear picture on how you will be designing and what you will be designing. You have to decide whether you will be designing t-shirts for male, female, young, old or unisex. This is because people search by these categories.

Using Abstracts

Abstract designs look attractive on t- shirts. The t-shirt designer should consider making these designs by using fewer colours. If too many colours are used, it may lose its depth.

Appropriate Colours

Colours are said to be the blood of art. It is very important to think upon the colour contrast. It means how certain ink colours will appear against lighter coloured t-shirts. Therefore, proper colour combinations should be used in the designs on the t-shirt. Sometimes colours look more vibrant on the computer, but in real they look different. Using colours and creating their shadows will make the design look real.

Using Funny Elements

Every t-shirt designer has its own choice. People search for t-shirts having funny designs. These t-shirts have sarcasm, but are ironic, thus they are best sold. So making funny designs on the t-shirt can make you a good sell.

Prepare the design

After the design is ready on your computer, you should check for its size, the format whether vector or not. This is because when you print the design it should be clean and visible not pixelated. The quality will be degraded if the design is not clear in the printing.


The most important factor in having sustainability and success is by giving the customers best quality. A good printer gives the best quality print. It is important that the colours on the t-shirt look realistic, as people might overlook the design if it is having a poor printing quality.

Social Websites

Social media is one of the greatest weapons of all times. It brings you lots of clients and connections. It is of great help to a free-lance t- shirt designer as they can sell them by joining online communities.


A person can be a good t-shirt designer if he works upon his product efficiently. The above tips shall be very useful for a t-shirt designer while designing his/her product. These aspects will make your product attractive and you will be able to sell better.

Potenza Global Solutions has DYO T-shirt application, which helps you to design your t-shirt as per your preference.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Enhance Gaming Experience with New iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Apple’s App Store is an attractive storehouse for one and all the game-lovers who are desirous and crazy about mobile game development. One might often be disheartened and discouraged by their tiny screens as compared to the latest mobiles with large screens and wonderful displays, leaving us awestruck!, as also with their unbelievable resolutions which makes gaming all the more delightful and pleasurable. With its firm determination and resolution, Apple has declined to increase the iPhone’s real estate since the year 2010 with the rise of 4 inches from 3.5 inches on the iPhone 4. Finally, with an amazing twist it has something very amusing and alluring ahead for its gamers.

With iPhone 6 plus having a flagship-worthy 5.5 inches of Apple’s IPS LCD display, the iPhone 6 on the other hand have a presentable screen size of 4.7 inches. One of the most thrilling news is that the mobile game development is fast progressing with its accurate and precise graphics whereas the small display truly does not justify it. The A-8 chip, the latest iPhone twins highlights Apples processing powerhouse considerably, along with the larger display. With the A7 and packs 2 billion transistors as against a single graphic chip applying 20- nanometer manufacturing process, it is approximately around 13% smaller than the previous one, consequently resulting in more efficiency and is also economical with the least consumption of battery power.

“The additional power” is its most essential characteristic as far as gaming is concerned. As the A8 is 25% more quick and active than the A7, it consequently demands for an extraordinary better performance in graphics by 50%. Furthermore, in order to appreciate the budding new chips, ‘Metal’ optimization in iOS 8 is being introduced by Apple. According to the company, ‘with exceptionally low expense, access to the A7 and A8 GPU, Metal amazingly allows high performance for sophisticated graphics carrying out computational tasks and disqualifies the obstructions that are found in traditional graphics APIs. It is particularly designed to achieve and grab the attention of modern fundamentals, like the multiprocessing and shared memory, further assisting to correlate the creation of GPU commands and also suggests a modernized API, combined graphics, compute shading language as well as Xcode -based tools.’

Prominent graphic engine makers like Epic and Crytek have volunteered for the development of Metal. Apple has also made its contribution to EA and Ubisoft to acquire the basic fundamentals of improvising graphics performance of their devices.

However, mobile game development has always been a main source of generating income for Apple at all times since the introduction of the App store. As compared to the year 2013, there has been a tremendous increase in the profit from games by 70% in the second part of the year 2014 and is still progressing endlessly. According to a survey,’ consumers have, as a matter of fact, spent more on games as compared to the various other apps and as such more than 75% of combined iOS and Google Play consumer app spent on 4Q 2013 have been materialized from mobile game development.’

With the pouring of new and creative titles every day, the modern and latest iPhone gives an effective grip to its gaming customers.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a Tech Blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading mobile game development company that involves a team of expert game developers who are trained to deliver  mobile games projects with great professionalism. For More info Click Here

Monday, 22 June 2015

Top Tips For Expediting Game Design Process

When it comes to organizing coherent networks of information documents are not of much importance. A lot many things need to be written in the pre-production phase of a game. However, there are ways in which writing can be limited. In this blog post, I will be discussing about some of the tips which can be used for efficient designing at the outset of the project.
mobile game design

Brief Prototype:

A design document contains rough text which is open to interpretation. No words can express the estimated feel of the game. On the other hand, the important mechanics of majority of the game concepts can be coded and tested quickly. Developing a prototype is better than writing a corresponding detailed design description. A prototype helps in describing and providing means for analyzing the quality of game concept.

This is the perfect starting point for the preproduction process. A playable sample can give every team member a solid sense of what the game will be. Everyone can give their feedback on the same. A working prototype works better than anything else. Avoid using fancy visuals as they might not let you and your teammates to judge the gameplay. Pretty images might camouflage the shortcomings in your design.

Limited Documents:

Game development is a time-consuming process. There’s no one who wants to go through huge number of documents. An effective design document must focus on presenting the important information to be used by each teammate. The document should be written in simple and descriptive language. The font used must be big. Content should be arranged in a manner that is fluid for users irrespective of their reading skills.

Long paragraphs must be avoided as they eat readers' time and interest. Writing in a simple language gives you time to focus on other amazing design tasks. It is advisable to spend more time in drawing than in writing long technical documents.

Keep your Peers in Consideration Whilst Writing:

Design documents may be written for client, manager, or developer. Different readers have different requirements. A client would not be interested to know the technology you will be using for implementation. On the other hand, developers might need some of these details to analyze the technical constraints involved in the process.

Asking your readers for a feedback on what you wrote can be a good way to improve your writing skills. This will help you create perfect documents.

Run Tests in Advance:

End clients may reject a coherent design if they don't get to see the resulting game at the first place. There might a number of discussions or arguments over a specific mechanics especially where there is more than one option.

In such cases a set of reference games will be useful. The benefit of this is that every team member can visualize the difference between two mechanics. Everyone can eventually experience the benefit of one over the other.

Start Your Day with Research:

Brainstorm for new ideas. However, it must not be a continuous task as it may leave you exhausted. Also, switching between concept research, programming, drawing, and writing is not a good idea. A short term work plan is essential to boost productivity. Create a to-do list and gather all the ideas on your arrival at office. Structure your work in such a way that it helps make the best use of your available time. This helps you focus on the overall picture and helps in arranging your ideas.

Learn Coding:

Game designer must be skilled at gameplay programming. This also makes easy for you to communicate with developers. You can also test your ideas yourself.

Game designer with coding knowledge is a perfect fit for a game studio. All you need to do is get equipped with coding basics and few samples of your work. Developers will find your coding language useful as they will get a playable example. For professional advancement it is important for you to have programming skills. Skill along with versatility makes a good lead.

Make Use of Images:

Attractive images are worth a thousand words. They can truly reflect your game's ambiance. Easy to read diagrams can be used to describe systems. The overall visuals and feel delivered by your documents will impact how your colleagues perceive your work.

Curtail the Iterative Loop:

All design related jobs make it critical to iterate. An iterative workflow helps you handle limited features at a time and get feedback on them before they are polished. Shorten the loop so that your peers can ensure that you are going in the right direction.

Use Analytics in the Initial Stages:

Irrespective of the number of testers working on the project, you can track different types of data with analytics API. This will give you an idea about the balance in your project. This data is helpful in the initial stages of your project. Use a tool like GameAnalytics to track and plot the data.

Make use of Efficient Tools:

When it comes to prototyping some IDEs have edge over others. Many developers use HTML 5 IDE construct 2. Actual developers working on corresponding game might choose to go with another engine to code the final product. It is always best to go with common set of tools. Unity is a perfect tool when it comes to native games
Make Use of Placeholder Content:

Ensure that you avail of placeholder assets and snippets of code. When it comes to game concept, it is important to find the right design direction.

All in all it can be said that for speeding up the game design process you need to use prototypes, write code with teammates in consideration, and ensure that your presentation is lucid.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a Tech Blogger & work with Potenza Global Solutions. PGS is leading mobile game development company that involves a team of expert game developers and designers who are trained to deliver various mobile games projects with great professionalism.

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Unifying UX Across iOS and Android - Is It Cross Platform Compatible Design?

The question that has come to our mind with the availability of Phone Gap and Xamarin advancing in the market, providing efficiency to restore both as OS’s iOS & Android with a single code-base, is, whether our aim should be the bonding experiences over both the systems ?

As compared to iOS, where the coordination is much severe for providing QA applications in the app store, there is a vast difference in the quality between Android Apps in the mark    et. The difference between iOS application and Android apps is that there is a feeling of warmth while using the former which can be experienced during the mobile application development. Whereas, the Android seems to be a smaller version.

Mobile Apps Design

Similar, But Different - Post Material Design

Because of the release of material design by Google, the consistency of Google’s collection of products has begun to crop up. But, because of the effective differences between Google’s guidelines and Apples’, the credit definitely goes to Google. These guidelines in return have helped Android developers in building up custom Android services.

Re-Building The iOS Experience for Android

Yes, definitely we can rebuild the iOS experience for Android. In view of the similarities between the two systems, from the angle of UX/UI, certain questions arise like why would you? What would you gain by doing this? A perceived cost saving in the development of time application?

Let us reverse the question. What would you do if you had an Android specific application and decided to put the experience back to iOS?  What would you think about your iOS users? After all, both the OS’s demand similar respects.

Going back to the original question, as, can we unify the experience between, iOS and Android? Still remains to be a debatable question.  You could Focus an experience in terms of brand values, messaging and alignment in terms of visual direction could be done, but, as far as the actual interactions are concerned within each platform, it is the operating system that drives the main or basic experience, not the application itself and this is the reason why Google and Apple have taken so long creating their guidelines.

The main Difference Between the two Systems is as Follows:-

In iOS system, there is no Universal Back Button which is agnostic and allows you to go revert to actions outside the app experience. The navigation/action bar position is at the bottom with a target area of 44px x 44px. Whereas, in Android system, there is Universal Back Button which is app agnostic and allows you to go revert to actions outside of the app experience. The navigation/action bar position is at the top with a target area of 48px x 48px.

Universal Back Button:

The big back button on Android is of a universal control, allowing user to pass back through the previous interaction as well as outside of the application that are currently in to ease the movement between the applications.

Navigation Bar/ Action Bar:

Google definitely chooses just the opposite as compared to Apple guidelines which encourages designers to place tools, actions and buttons in the lower bar on the screen, leaving the top to clear with one or two buttons. The users of the OS have inherited and learnt these patterns over the years.

Target Area:

It may be of less importance, but its command is high on its users, as in the Android community larger target area is acceptable to pick up an iOS device. Whereas, as compared to iOS, button target areas are bigger on Android.

The following are the points of difference between iOS Facebook and Android Facebook.
  • The search box is different in both the systems
  • The Chat drawer (top right icon) has a different visual treatment
  • Positioning of global controls over Status, Photo, and check-in
  • Additional component box for adding a status on Android that is not on iOS
  • Gestural differences between the two programs. When you swipe slowly to the right on Android, you have to move between the Activity Feed, Friend requests, messages, etc, as the same is not present on iOS
  • Different typography (Helvetica Neue on iOS and Roboto on Android)
  • Smaller UI items such as colour on iconography
Thus, looking to the above, we can gather the differences but, apart from the differences there are different pattern applied to the internal application search and also the user-flow can be experienced on both the systems.

Facebook iOS:

A User taps search which is a new search page displaying Recently Searched, but has a ‘Cancel’ button applied after the search field, which is a standard iOS pattern.

Facebook Android:

A User taps search which is a new search page and displays recently searched but has a ‘Back’ button applied before the search field, which is a standard iOS pattern.

The business on Facebook continuously keeps on repeating and improving on their OS’s. Hence, the application should be tweaked according to its performance.


Thus, there is a huge difference between the two OS’s. Time could be saved by using a single code; both iOS and Android have their own significance and identity as well as distinct characteristic. It solely depends upon its users to owe the experiences.

About Author:

With blogging experience in various fields of technology, Michael Waugh has gained impressive knowledge about Mobile Application Development. Currently he is associated with Potenza Global Solutions, a top-notch IT company that deals with various mobile apps.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015


In this age of internet, online marketing has proved to be a practical tool, ensuring us to have a winning support for our brands and aiming at increasing sales to gain competitive advantages. SEO and Social media are the two marketing strategies which abide with each other to grab the attention of website visitors, enabling them to increase online visibility, improve brand reputation and enhancing business outputs as well. They can be better called as - ‘two strings of one’s bow’.

As social media relies on quality oriented content with strong brand awareness playing a vital role for SEO and the efforts invested on the same, it results in improvising your social media outreach and thereby also benefits us with the top most search rankings. Successful businesses use both, social media and search engine optimization in addition to those working in organization with their SEO as well as with social media.

No matter, however, the manner of the social media aiding in improving the Google search rankings is doubtful. Moreover, the search marketers are least interested about the details leaving its users confused about their contribution to effective marketing. Thus, in order to get rid of these complications, mentioned below are the effective ways in which social media helps in making SEO efforts more productive.

SEO Services

Increase Followers & Page Likes: - As compared to the small business with lesser group of non descriptive individuals on Twitter or a Face book page , the likes are in minority as compared to the mega- corporation which has a well maintained social account with million face book likes and thousand Twitter followers in Google search rankings. The reason is not its quantity, but the wit that Google has in finding out the unfair tricks/games played by the proxy followers.

Increase Traffic from External Sources: - Social media helps search rankings as it increases traffic to your content, allowing other sites to link to it because of its various links best suited for your Google search rankings. In order to hit to more links, you ought to have a high quality authoritative content.

Social media acts as an advertising agent where social channels attract your content for other sites to link back to your own site. Hash tags are one of the easiest methods for gaining clarity.

Optimizing Posts for Search: - Besides your web content, Google also takes into consideration the popular social media updates in the top section of its SERP’s (search engine results page)  thereby making sense to modify your social media posts for its distinct clarity for search engine algorithm. The basic requirement is to have a strong anchor for the post which includes a visual image or a chart or a link to an all-inclusive and complete article which can be possible by composing or planning your post around a certain/specific search query, say for example, if you are sharing an article about the types of any job, you can share the post with some specific queries such as –‘are you interested in such and such type of a job , if yes then how about aiming for it or chasing the same?

Interaction Between People and Brands on Social Networks:-  Both, external links and social engagements are corresponding in nature and play a vital role and share equal qualities for increasing  the brand authority. Google and other search engines look for outside influences that can impact the business that approves or certifies your brand/content/ or social sharing. The best portion about it is that it is a continuous process for gaining momentum as whether your face book post is shared by either the least number of people or the maximum number of people is not a matter of concern.

Thus, social media is regarded as more of a brand tool because of its significant SEO advantage linked with it and this can be well understood if marketers work on it as a tightly interwoven strategy.

In short, with the most number of people sharing your content, there are higher chances of win your fan followers.

About Author:

Michael Waugh is a content writer & a tech blogger with Potenza Global Solutions. He likes to write about social media, organic SEO & online marketing. Follow him on Google+.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

Steps to Ignore the Hurdles that Come in The Way of Using Mobile Apps

“TO ERR IS HUMAN’, to say it in other words’ no man is perfect’ and hence there are very high chances that every human being even though if he/she takes utmost care about anything  or any work, is bound to make mistakes. Thus, if human beings can make mistakes, then why not the mobile apps?  But again, every problem has a solution, so also there are solutions for avoiding the mistakes that occur in the mobile apps development.

If proper actions are not taken to avoid the mistakes, then it will result in the destruction of your mobile application. Hence, to stop the mobile apps development from being destructed, let us first understand its importance in a nut shell so that its users become aware and more cautious about its destruction.

In today’s fast growing and hectic lifestyle, the use of mobile apps development has increased tremendously. Whether it is the used mobile phone, tablets or other mobile devices, all of them have the required information making it all the more important and risky if destructed.

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There are Various Reasons Why the Risk of Destruction Can be Expensive:-

  • First and foremost is that the users are unaware of the problem and its consequences thereby landing them to an error that would prove to be very costly. 
  • Security measures should be made available to prevent the unauthorized users to obtain the data.
  • Most commonly, the data is exchanged into a client server while designing a mobile application which in turn travels across the internet and the carrier network.  If this application is arranged or classified poorly and not secured, there are chances of ‘threats agents’ using techniques to view the sensitive data.
  • Avoiding cross platform app or multiplatform app,”an app that signifies the ability of a programming language that enables programmers to develop software for several competing platforms by writing a program only once.”
Ignorant Users:

The mobile app development users must be educated and made aware about its modern techniques as there may be a number of the users who might be clueless or rather unaware of its use and may not be well-versed with the mouse based interface and the touch based interface, thus creating confusion . And therefore to avoid such confusion, it is necessary to have a clear picture of this difference in mind.

Formally, the advancement of the mobile apps development was linear that is to say it was ‘a step by step’ progress whereby its users could match up with its advancement. But, now in this fast and agile mobile apps development age, one cannot ignore its importance and the rapid progress that it has been making with its extended and valuable approach.

Website development and mobile apps development are two poles apart as far its function, capacity and size is concerned. The popularity of the mobile apps development is because of the fact that its users can operate them from anywhere and at anytime as per the convenience.

Mobile apps development has been a boon for its users as it has given them the benefit of instant data which is reached easily to distant places. This benefit may be turned into a loss because of the weak data connection without which the mobile apps development becomes valueless.

Another way of avoiding mistakes is the use of keying in the sense that not more than three key strokes should be used to get the required function as the additional keys stops the user from returning to the application. The use of navigation buttons also should be used in a proper and effective manner and be accessible at all times. Important functions should be at the top of the navigation journey.

There are a few things that are frustrating the mobile apps development while using the cursor while trying to get the cursor to the middle of the word or web address to correct a typing error. For this it is advisable to have two back buttons – that erases the text and the other that does not erase the text but will allow the user the opportunity to correct the typed mistakes.

Monday, 23 March 2015

Ways To Make Content Marketing Interesting

Content Marketing is the new wave in the marketing industry wherein content is utilized through different mediums, including text, audio, and video to gain more traffic on a website. It has now become a surefire way to increase the number of visits to your website. Increasing number of businesses is adopting this technique to yield results. However, unleashing and utilizing an outstanding content marketing strategy is one of the biggest challenges for the content marketing department.

Using content in different channels like audio, and video is a type of content marketing strategy. For example: Your YouTube channel serves as your content marketing tool. Sometimes, the product is so interesting and delivers amazing results. For such products it is easy to create engaging and creative content. However, some products are not so compelling. It is for such businesses that content marketing is the most useful.

A content marketer has the challenging task of making a less-than-thrilling product look intriguing and interesting. In this post, we will present some tips on creating compelling marketing strategy for marketing your business.

Analyze Content Marketing Implemented by your Business

You must ask yourself some questions regarding your content marketing. It is mainly about appearing in the search results. You must analyze what people are looking for when they find your product. Your product content must sound like a solution to a problem or an answer to a question. Think about the reasons for which people use your product and also think about who your end users are. All this will help you come to a single solution that your product has been offering to people. After all this, you will be ready to create content.

Respond to the Questions with Content Marketing

Once you are aware about the types of questions, your customers are asking, it’s time to answer those questions. If you get the answers, you can create awesome content even for the most non-interesting product. If you think deeply you can get a number of ways to create content around the question asked. Your goal at this stage must be to prove yourself as an expert by creating a link between your product and the solution to the problem. This can be done by generating interesting content and distributing it amongst the audience via different social media channels.

Infographics: This medium is not only interesting and informative but generates interest in the viewer. They make even the most boring products sound interesting. Get some useful statistics related to your industry and the questions people ask then proceed to a designer to get informative, engaging, and relevant content which can be used via different media.

Listicles: These are nothing but mini-articles that have become indispensable part of the modern content marketing strategies. They can be used to share punchy sentences or interesting images. You can make silly images or pack your mini-article with useful information.

Articles: Content in the form of articles, and blog posts are surely the supporting pillar of any content marketing plan. Keyword dense articles are must. You can even use How-To articles and slideshows. Important industry updates can also be used in your content marketing strategy. Posting guest posts on industry blogs can also be very useful. These give a double push to your SEO goals as they include links between the host blog and your own.

Once you focus on making the end product as interesting as possible through your content marketing strategies the further process will be pure fun. Even those industries, primarily considered as boring, can be made fun and interesting. All you need to do is offer a solution, get more knowledge about your industry and build your community with an engaging content marketing campaign.

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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Top Web Designing Trends of The Year

We have already bid adieu to 2014 ad embraced 2015. It is the right time to take a look ahead on what lies in the coming year as far as web designing is concerned. This year will bring in many new things. In the past year the Grid, an AI-driven website builder, received a lot of popularity and is soon going to be launched. Web designers will now emphasize on shadows and animations. Responsive re-sizing of typography techniques will receive lot of importance. Full screen videos will be much in trend. This year will witness least gap between the code and design.

Following are some of the web designing trends that must be considered while designing websites in the current year.

Full-screen Responsive videos – To cater to the changing trend of mobile usage

It is for sure that during the last few years full-screen background videos and pictures have been used for making websites. Big visuals work well in grabbing attention and enhancing web user engagement.

In this year, 2015, web developers and designers will work more on new techniques for deriving responsive resizing of full screen visuals, specifically those having HTML5 video backgrounds. This will be a hot trend as most of the people have now shifted to mobiles and tablets.


Ghost Buttons- Flat design and full screen visuals

These buttons are used mainly due to the increase in use of flat design and full screen visuals on websites. Ghost buttons will continue to be in trend as flat design and full screen visuals are still in demand.

Note: A ghost button is a button which has a completely transparent body and a basic shape form with a thin line border.

Click-to-Scroll – Ending the Infinite scrolling frustration

Recent studies revealed that endless scrolling frustrates the users. Bookmarking sites, blogs and social networks pertain to this. This has led to the emergence of usage of click-to-scroll buttons on websites. Infinite scroll will soon be ending and this fact is depicted by single page websites who have started using this button. In this year, websites will be using infinite scroll interface but, yes, with click-to-scroll buttons!

Responsive typography

During the previous year, a typography-driven website has gained many accolades than that without typography focus. Beautifully arranged letters are rare on a website. Thus, you can use typography to make your website standout.

Companies providing responsive web design services unanimously declare that responsive typography will definitely make a website stand out in the coming year.


The role of animation in web design cannot be underestimated. Animation can aptly replace static visuals and enhance web user engagement in content. Responsive web design services are increasingly making use of developments in CSS3 animations to get more motion on websites.

The Z-axis

The introduction of material design has urged Google to introduce a promising set of UI design principles. Some of these can be utilized by developers working with responsive web services providing companies. One of the most important things Google focuses when it comes to Material Design is the importance of Z-axis and increase of design elements. This results in a design that has beautifully segregated layers along with intuitive design.

These are just limited trends that could be listed here. There will be number of other trends discovered as we go through the year. Implementation of techniques mentioned here will be one of the primary focuses for responsive web design services providers.