Monday, 25 September 2017

3 Tactics that ensure Link building Success

Link Building is the process of linking external pages to a page on your website. It is one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. Link building takes a bit of skill and patience to get it right. It can be really difficult and frustrating, especially for new websites. But once you get it right, it will catapult you ahead of your competition and help you achieve high organic search ranking in the SERPs.

Google states that webmasters can improve the rank of their sites by increasing the number of high-quality sites that link to their pages. Note that here Google refers to ‘sites’ and not ‘links’. The popularity of your blog or website will not just be determined by a number of inbound links, but also the quality of those inbound links. Effective link building is not just increasing a total number of inbound links, but getting genuine links from reliable and authoritative websites. Such links account for high rewards Google Search.

So you still don’t think link building is important enough? Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of link building:
  • Increased visibility of your content in search results.
  • Gain traffic from websites linked to you.
  • High-quality incoming links, i.e., links from authoritative websites will be considered as a valuable resource. This can be achieved with quality content.
  • Link Building helps in getting indexed in search results quicker.
  • Link Building is considered one of the major factors that contribute to SEO success.
A number of tactics have been employed over the years by webmasters to achieve success in link building. Where some have worked, many have failed as well. So let’s look at 3 tactics that I believe nearly guarantees success and help your business get 50 links to start with.

3 Tactics that ensure Link building Success

1) Check for Brand name, domain name, and founders’ names

Start with searching for links that come from your own name, brand name, domain name and the names of founders and executives that run your business. For example, search for “John Doe” or “” in quotes in the Google Search bar. Alternatively, you can also search for “Potenza+Organic+SEO” or “Potenza+SEO+USA” in the Google Search bar to get the required search results. It is vital to use Potenza and SEO together in quotes to get the right results as Potenza represents the brand name and Organic/SEO represents as an identifier or the service they provide. It increases the probability of Potenza being identified as a provider of Organic SEO services or best SEO services in the USA by Google.

Then, manually assess the top 100 results to validate following points:
  • They are linked to the right place, for instance, If John Doe isn’t linked with Potenza, it should be fixed right away. You have to contact the right person to fix that.
  • Check whether you can control the anchor text and if you can update where the link location points. For example, my LinkedIn account is linked to Potenza. I can update it if I change my company or Potenza changes its domain name.
  • If it’s missing, contact the right people and get it fixed. This is a time taking process and requires immense patience but on the bright side, every single mention of your domain name, brand name, and the founders’ names will have links to the page of your website.
2) Identify websites that list your competition

Identify at least 10 of your competitors that you see on the SERP for searches that you want to compete for. Then search for them in combinations of 2, 3, or 4 rather than individually. For example, if my competitor were dairy companies, I would search for existing dairy companies Nestle and Dean in combination. Then I would search for Nestle and Saputo and then a combination of different ones in a similar pattern. Then visit the sites that turn up in the SERPs that list these competitors and get in touch with them. Connect with the ones responsible for the listing and get your business listed as well. This takes a lot of effort as well but it’s a great way to expand your link portfolio. Plus it will only benefit your business if you can get listed in websites that list companies and people from the same field.

This brings us to the third tactic where you

3) Identify websites that list organizations in your field with similar geography and attributes

Make a list of websites that list out people or organizations from a particular region with particular attributes. For example, you could own an organization based out of New York that provides organic SEO services and is founded by women.

The aspects to focus on are:
  • Area of operation: List out your operations from macro to micro level. Operations can range from overall digital marketing service to SEO services.
  • Region: List out your region which is in form of country, state, city or even neighborhood.
  • Unique attributes: List out any unique attributes such as a business that participates actively in social services or charity.
Then search Google and make a list of websites and businesses in your region that share these unique attributes. For example, my company gets on a website with a list of companies based out of New York participating in active social service and charity.

All the three tactics mentioned above needs patience and focus. But if you can nail them, your search rankings will jump over your competitors in no time. If you have any more suggestions and recommendations, share them in the comments below.

If you are finding SEO difficult and need any assistance, contact Potenza Global Solutions, a reputed provider of one of the best SEO services in the USA.

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Tips and tricks to get a super high score | Neon Climb Rider Game

The line rider and bike riding games have set fire all over the internet. People are all going paranoid behind these top games available online. And now, as the crowd has flocked to score the best of their potential, here are a few tips and tricks to master the game and be a high scorer yourself.
  • Going insane with the pedal won’t help
The overall control of the game is regulated by the press and move phenomenon. You need to touch the screen consistently in order to keep your bike rider moving. Going insane is good while playing such games but you need to have good control over speed and the flipping procedure. Line rider is a one tap game that tests your command over speed and flipping.
  • Choose the vehicle crafted for you
In case of the line rider, the bike rider must ensure that he chooses the right vehicle. A vehicle that is good with controls, speed and flexibility is good to go. Choose a vehicle that you are compatible with.
  • Focus on flipping
Flipping is one such key that can make or break the deal. If you know the right trick to flip with accuracy at the right moment, then no one can stop you from winning. But if you are new, fret not! You need to practice a lot as that’s the key to master the game. Do not get frustrated easily because of the repeated failures. Take your time, grab your command over the controls and be a master.
  • Don’t panic
Mastering over the tricks and techniques of one of the top games online is not a piece of cake. One needs thorough practice and skill sets to reach the zenith of one of the top games trending online these days. You cannot expect to be a pro with this one tap game in a go. Perseverance is the key. With time, you will get used to the speed and flipping phenomenon.
  • Rewards: Grab them all
In the line rider, you must make sure that you are collecting all the rewards coming your way while playing. At times, it can be a challenging deal, but you will have to maintain the perfect balance between your speed, flipping and the rewards offered. Once you are able to balance these entities of this one tap game well, you are sure to be the high scorer of this game.
Game Download Link: Play Store Link

GamePlay Video:

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Ways to overcome the challenges of e-commerce

Planning to try your hands on e-commerce? All set to launch your enterprise via the e-commerce platform? But are you really ready for the upcoming challenges in the e-commerce market? Are you even aware of the upcoming obstacles for your venture at the first place? Before you take your first step in the arena of e-commerce you need to be figured out regarding a number of things.

As you expand and your enterprise flourishes, you will level up and come up with many adverse situations and new challenges with every passing day. These challenges will demand out of the box creativity and innovation that makes your business stand out of the crowd.  Therefore, if you keep the trend of the ongoing trends, the demands of the market and learn from the mistakes made by other similar entrepreneurs, you will have solutions ready and that would be of great help.

However, obstacles and challenges are inevitable and it is not always possible to resolve issues in a jiffy. Challenges will come and go and what is needed is great grit and determination to accept those, resolve those and level up in the market.

Here we are trying to keep you abreast of a few issues that often creep up in e-commerce, resolution to those issues and optimization of your enterprise.

  • Choose a compatible technology
To start with; you need to have a technology that’s agile, robust and compatible to adjust into your business needs. Determination of your business needs, proper analysis and supervision are much-needed in order to see your business prosper. With CMS technology, e-commerce web development has become an easy task. An open-source enterprise level platform like Magento Development Company is widely implemented for e-commerce website design purpose.
  • Promote cross-border and global sales and ensure efficient supply chain process
To make your business grow and survive in the market’s competence, you need to mark your global presence. And for that, you need to adopt efficient supply chain measures to define your product’s streamline globally.
  • The mobile first approach
Customers no longer shop just from their personal computer or desktops, the e-commerce platform has expanded and also minimized itself within your fist. Now customers can shop online anywhere, anytime. Thanks to the smart phone era. Thus, as an entrepreneur, you need to adopt a mobile first approach owing to the fact that users spend over five to six hours of their day with their respective mobile phones. And if your e-commerce website keeps them engaged, it becomes a win-win situation.
  • Create a seamless brand experience
Ultimately, it is the customers who are going to determine how long are you going to survive in the market. So you must establish a foundation of trust and reliability with your target customers. Claim and ensure 100% data privacy and keep evolving according to the needs of the target customer. Meanwhile, never compromise with the quality of service provided or the products offered.
  • Experiment with ideas
Adopt an open approach and always be on a lookout for new ideas and innovations. The more creative and catchy your product or service gets, the better.
  • Outsourcing talents
Keep looking for new talents around. With so many new technologies and skills booming these days, you must know exactly what is needed for your business. Look for candidates with relevant skills accordingly. Good talents prove to be the key elements in making any enterprise flourish or tackle challenges.
  • A secure marketplace is the need
While instances credit and debit card thefts and mishandled pins and passwords are at its peak, you must ensure to establish a secure platform for your customers so that they can rely your enterprise and carry on with their transactions on your e-commerce website. If you are not very sure about the security terms of your website, you can ask for advice from experts and note their suggestions and feedback's regarding the functioning of your website. This is an efficient way to ensure security and privacy over the internet.


E-commerce Web Development has turned out to be a cobweb that gets more and more complex with each passing day. And to endure into the complexities and stand out to be the most robust and best e-commerce platform, you have to adopt a flexible technology that can adjust to mold into the market demands. This kind of approach will keep you competitive and prepared for the future challenges.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Is Magento Development Companies the first choice of Small E-commerce start-ups and entrepreneurs?

In an era, where entrepreneurial campaigns and start-ups are managing to buck the trend, we are often left wondering how they make it so far. What all are the factors that contribute to their sailing through. To start with, be it a small-scale enterprise or a medium scale enterprise, the basic measures that they adopt are more or less pretty common. Doing the proper market research, establishing a secure intellectual property, proper branding, coming up with a business plan, a workplace, and a mentor and above all, raising capital is an integral part of the start-up plan.

Another major tool on which all these start-ups and small to medium businesses rely is a dynamic website. This planet is a huge ball with so many people around. And with the increasing pace of budding start-ups, you may have a hard time marketing your business without an effective website. So, if you want to start from the scratch, start with your website! Now that you have a website for your business, keep in mind that people are going to establish an impression for your business through the website. Hence, it must be a dynamic and interactive website that highlights all about what your business has to offer. Therefore, make sure you put an effective website at the top of your priority list.


When it comes to website development for small to medium businesses or enterprises, content management system is the most reliable and handy option available these days. In fact, a remarkable portion of start-ups depends on Content Management System (CMS) for developing an effective and user-friendly website. Now you must be wondering what Content Management System is? Well, to explain it to a layman, Content Management System is an application software with a set of programs and algorithms that are used to create, modify and manage the digital content. It provides you with an interface where you can create and modify your website content on the go. It is easy to access, affordable and gives you the desired website in no time.

So now, when start-ups are the hottest trend of the season, so is Content Management System (CMS). With the hike in demands for Content Management System services, several CMS service providers have come up in the market. Now you have to choose wisely and pick the one best for your business. Magento Development Company is one such web store that provides the most compatible and robust website development services for e-commerce. Magento understands the basic features required for any e-commerce website such as product management, store management, transaction management, product management, category and sub-category management. However, the requirements vary from one client to the other but the majority of the key features remain similar.

Magento is the most preferred web store which is highly recommended by e-commerce start-ups. Magento stands out of the herd of other CMS web stores owing to the outstanding services it provides. It follows a strict flowchart to go by for every single phase of Content Management System.

Following is the flow Magento swears by starting from the design phase to the development phase:
  1. Development of PSD
  2. Development from PSD to HTML
  3. Conversion of theme from HTML to Magento
  4. Magento store personalization
  5. Development and integration of payment gateway
  6. Installation of bug-free code onto the hosting server
In addition to it, following are the elaborated benefits of choosing Magento:
  • Easy to promote methods- If you wish to promote your website and improve its ranking on search engine results as well, it gets simpler with Magento. You can promote your website while entering data on your website and describing your products.
  • Easy maintenance- Our experience of over six years in developing and maintaining e-commerce stores along with our experienced developers makes Magento the first choice for the clients. Easy to access services means you can reach out to us anytime and get hassle free solutions.
  • Multiple extensions available- With advanced extensions, Magento can solve your real-life problems with great ease. Our developers are always there to customize the said extension as per your needs.
So now that you know which door to knock, get your own website soon!

Friday, 14 July 2017


In the online world, thousands of the websites are crafted by the businesses to illustrate their services and offerings and garner the maximum attention of the target customers. The websites connect the customers with the brand, adds credibility to the businesses and enable sales in a few clicks. It indicates that website matters a ton in creating a long lasting impression on the customers, improve brand advocacy and skyrocket the revenue.  

Thanks to the advanced technology, hundreds of tools and options are available for the responsive web design services to experiment and introduce innovative elements in the websites, which aids businesses in achieving the main goal. Also, the resources help the designers to craft the website that can step in with the latest trends and user’s needs. However, sometimes the efforts go in vain and impact the brand’s image when the web design fail to convey the message.  

According to a research survey, “One in the five visitors leave the websites and never come back again if the website design failed to represent the services or products rightly or puzzle the users.”

In a nutshell, responsive website development is not just about adding creativity and including all the modern design trends, while it must be able to create a strong relationship with the target audience and convey the clear message. But, how such website can be engineered?

5 Essential web Design Trends to employ

Let’s dive deeper to know what makes the website a real winner:

  • Navigation
Presently, numerous web page navigation options are available such as downpage navigation, vertical navigation, side navigation, sticky navigation and hamburger navigation. The designers leverage any of the navigation styles that’s highly accepted by the target user base. Also, the designers can use the website analytics to verify which navigation pattern works and bring more clicks to the website.
  • Text
To ensure the easy readability of the website content, a lot of choices for the text size, text font, and text style is available that provides freedom to the designers to keep the text in a style that most go well with the design trends and the customers.

For instance, tiny texts, bold typography, small headlines and small fonts still play the game and work effectively in creating interest in the users.

The designers must keep a fine balance, and use the text and fonts which bring reward worthy results.

  • Adding parallax to Scrolling
Scrolling is the age-old element that’s added to the website to allow the audience easily get from top to bottom. But, these phenomena are enhanced with parallax, which adds a 3D effect to the web pages wherein the foreground moves leaving the background behind it.

The innovative scrolling creates a sensation of depth and improves the browsing experience. Besides, the creative way to deliver the content differently works effectively on different screens.
  • Usage of SVGs
The raster or pixel-based designs put website engineers into a great deal of taking care of conventional picture designs like- GIF, JPEG or PNG, and vectors. That’s where SVGs (adaptable vector illustrations) are more favorable as they work out of vectors and determination free. The SVGs make the designs look outstanding on every screen and also alleviate the need to make the designs retina-prepared.
  • Microinteractions
The starting 10 seconds that website visitors spend while visiting the website are very crucial and help in initiating interactions. The micro interactions can be created through short stories that add engaging element to the website and delight the users with its amazing appeal. Nowadays, it’s becoming the part and parcel of the websites to turn the visitors into the potential customers. Beware, they must be properly used, else they could be disastrous.
Bottom line

The responsive website design is the biggest trend which nearly all the businesses are following that doesn’t mean modern design trends can be ignored. Adapting the small changes in the design trends is a way to nurture the digital trust and progress steadily at the pace of changing customer attitudes. Also, there is no thumb rule in the design trends and they get changed as the market changes. Are you ready to take these
small steps and implement changes? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

4 evolving vibrant color trends that can aid your UI

Spanning across eras, color has always portrayed the emotions, feelings, and thoughts of people. Well-known artisans have worked with colors to illustrate their speculations, which have helped them gain admiration and respect worldwide. A lot of businesses have used the concept of color to publicize their products and themselves.

There is a lot of stuff that needs to be taken care about while creating user interface design. The techniques, patterns, and colors used on your user interfaces and websites can constitute an intrinsic effect on the users.  The primary objective of user interface design is to facilitate people to relate and connect with your business.  A simple, easy to use, efficient and responsive, UI design works definitely well. However, an immensely attractive UI design can make the experience of using that interface really gratifying.

Designers are very judicious about choosing the colors for the responsive web development and applications.  Attractive color schemes used to develop responsive website design have an alluring effect on people who view it. Designers refine the usage of colors depending on the nature and characteristics of the business. Vibrant and bright colors usually opt for media and entertainment websites. However, the corporate businesses, the color schemes are now focusing on vibrant colors with an elegant and chic look with some modifications.

Vibrant Colors can be used in several ways and techniques in responsive web development. Designers are using impressive color schemes with existing elements allowing brands to retain their specific identities to develop a trendy and upbeat website. Using vibrant color is a big way to put in visual importance and user interaction ideas in responsive website design services. Color fastens the design saga and applicability, offering a project absolutely user-friendly.

4 evolving vibrant color trends that can aid your UI...

There are four color scheme trends that have become popular in the responsive web design services. 


A monotone scheme or a monochromatic color palette is made up of different tints or shades of a single color. This is the most popular technique to use vibrant colors in UI design.  Monochromatic colors have a long-lasting effect on users and ignite visual interest. There are endless options available for Monochromatic color.  Monochromatic colors ensure the readability of content through the solid color schemes for the UI design.

Monotone color schemes work splendidly with the representation of images from the same color clan.  The imagery and descriptions tend to become the central spot of the design due to the contrast used.


Duotone can be defined as a halftone replication of an image using the superimposition of one contrasting color halftone (traditionally black) over another color halftone. In this process, two color plates are made with the screen set at different angles. Duotone color schemes are generally used in the music/audio applications and for an assortment of promotional websites. Duotone color scheme acts as a color stabilizer that allows the text to occupy plenty of breathing space and color contrast. Colors are used in a more strategic way by brands to create an impact that is upbeat and at the same time candid and credible.


Recently, gradients have become a popular option for UI designs. Following the vibrant color trend, high-contrast complementary colors are used to create gradients in responsive web design development. Modern gradients might include multiple colors, radiate from the center, come from a corner, or fall horizontally.

Gradients have made their way back into GUIs, this time using high-contrast complementary colors. Gradients used in UI designs include assorted colors, emanating either from the center or from a corner or drop horizontally.  Gradients are used as background for web pages and they help in creating striking visual impact.


When an image is passed through a colored layer, this is termed as overlays. Imagery with color overlays has become a trendy approach for the designers due to uncomplicated nature and considerably simple.

Overlaying responses can help users on various design aspects. While creating overlays, effort should be made to consider the type of color and the extent of saturation and pellucidity of the color. Vibrant color overlaid imagery or a background is a gallant way to have the finest of both business and pleasure.

Vibrant color has emerged as a great tool for helping vital or keywords position distinctively out from the backdrop.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Know About the Hybrid Mobile App Development In Spades

Are you about to jump on the mobile application development bandwagon? If so, then you have three choices, namely- native, hybrid and web app to shape your mobile app idea into a reality. Each of them has their own advantages and downsides and quantifying which the platform is chosen.

Although most of you heard of native and web app, but the hybrid app perhaps baffling you. Is it correct? Let’s clear up the air:

The hybrid app is the middle of the two roadsides- native and web app, which leverages HTML 5 during the development and then encapsulates it in a native shell that enables the access to the native app features as well. The technologies such as HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS utilization enable the hybrid app development with best-in-class front-end and functionalities.

Know About the Hybrid Mobile App Development In Spades

Well, the hybrid apps are preferred over native app due to a few more reasons. Take a quick glance at them:
  • They are not platform specific. With a single code base, the apps can be crafted for the myriad of the platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows. It also minimizes the development time and efforts.
  • No additional knowledge of the technology is needed. The developers have proficiency in HTML 5, CSS 3 and JavaScript, can develop the hybrid app which works flawlessly on all the platforms.
  • Using the frameworks, the hybrid apps can have the native app-like features.
  • The hybrid apps support SQLite database and render offline capabilities which enable the local data storage.
  • The less time-to-market and cost-effectiveness are add-ons for hybrid development.
  • Easy to scale. The apps can be easily made to work on more platforms and operating systems in a couple of minutes as just code utilization is needed, not the rebuilding of the app from the scratch.
Along with the plethora of benefits the hybrid app offers, there exists some challenges. Yes, it is the reality. As the hybrid apps work on different devices and platforms, so it’s trickier to test the app on all them. Also, debugging the hybrid apps is like a nightmare because the developers are unaware of the targeted platform and unable to locate the error that makes the finding and rectifying the bug complex. The visual and interactive components in game apps perform better on native apps as opposed to hybrid apps. Additionally, the performance issue too exist as hybrid apps are slower to load.

Well, overcoming the challenges is not extremely taxing. See how following a few tips, the challenges can be resolved:
  • The hybrid apps run by using web view are like a single page application where more focus must be given on the simple workflow, which helps in enhancing user experience.
  • There are many hybrid frameworks that support many gestures, which ends up the mobile app developers’ problem to programmatically handle the new gestures as they can use the default gestures.
  • The hybrid frameworks aids in eliminating the scrolling issues because the frameworks itself provide their own scrolling, so there will be no manual scrolling.
What’s the future?
The reign of hybrid apps is leading the market with increasing share of hybrid app development. Not just the benefits, but the trends are making the hybrid approach the best for the mobile app development.

After witnessing the hybrid apps’ popularity, do you also wanted to make a shift with hybrid app development? If so, Potenza Global Solutions, a leading mobile app development company would be the right fit for you. The company using the right mix of technology, tools, and resources builds the unmatched hybrid app that lets your business excel.